Saturday, January 31, 2015

6th Edition of Make Money to Write About Your Kids is on the Way!

New cover and 6th edition of Make Money to Write About Your Kids is about 2 weeks away from being completed! AND I'm working on getting a print edition for you to purchase so you can have a lovely hard copy like I work from! I'll keep you posted! If you have my book already, would you mind posting a review for it on Amazon? I would really appreciate it!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Do You Procrastinate in Your Business?

I have so many little business things to do that I keep putting off and they could each mean sales in two of the companies I work with doing direct sales. I should do them first thing in the morning when the kids are sleeping and I have a bit of brain power but I keep putting them off.
I need to send emails to the people who requested Jamberry nail wrap samples and let them know they were sent and that they can contact me at these different places. I need to send emails to all the people who requested samples from way back on to see if they tried their samples and if they would like to buy, party or join my team. Can’t hurt to ask; I’m just not asking.
I need to do the same with Younique, only anyone who tries a sample of that buys so no follow-up there … not too many samples sent yet but each one bought something.
I ordered thank you cards in bulk on ebay today so I can start writing thank you notes to past customers and include a freebie in each one! I love to show appreciation for my customers!
So often I put off doing things that I know will help me to be successful. Do you ever do that?

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