Saturday, February 6, 2016

Parenting and Family Magazines That Pay ... Over 250 of Them!!! (Print & Online)

Woo hoo! The 6th edition of my ebook for writers who want to write for parenting/family markets is live here on Amazon! There are 285 markets in here! Please let your friends know who might want to break into this lucrative market because it's exactly how I have a blast while making money for my family. It's on a super sale price right now while I work on the 7th edition, due out this spring in ebook and paperback formats!

I personally love having a print copy of everything and thought you might also like that option. This makes it easier to highlight publications your work appears in, cross out email addresses that may change, black out publications that fold, add those lovely Post-It notes anywhere you like, etc.!

I've been in over 140 parenting mags and it's growing ... and there are 50ish new markets in the 6th edition! You can do what I've done. I have no English or Journalism degree ... just parenting knowledge and a love for writing.

If you don't have an email subscription to this blog, please sign up now so you can get updates on the 7th edition, as well as updates on NEW MARKETS and publications that go out of business, email addresses that change, etc.

 Good luck to you, and never be afraid to contact me at mommykerrie at yahoo dot com!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ladies' Home Journal Writer Submission Guidelines #LHJ #WriterGuidelines

So sad to see Ladies' Home Journal changing after 131 years! Back in 2014 it went to a quarterly print edition with an online digital presence. You can read the USA Today article here. There is still opportunity for you, though, writers! Check out the guidelines below and get writing ... or repurposing your already-written article or blog post!

LADIES HOME JOURNAL targets towards 30-55 year-old women who recognize the importance of taking time for themselves. Tone is always optimistic.
1. Finance features (1,800 words)
2. Essays about motherhood (1,200-1,800)
3. “This Mom’s Life,” first-person experience about being a mom (1,200-1,800)
4. “Strong,” the health section 
5. “Pet Project,” first-person essays about pets (1,200-1,800)
6. Feature well (1,800-2,400) 
7. Health section/BOB (1,800)
8. Psychology features for the FOB (1,800 words)
Personal essays are very welcome, even for health and psychology stories. Freelancers can write these from their own experience or tell a source’s story. Personal essays are also the best bet for new writers. Pays up to $2/word, but essays and first person editorials normally pay less.
For finance, personal essays, mom essays and features, For personal essays and mom essays, For personal essays, For health, For cover stories on celebrities, For “Pet Project,”

How to Write for Ladies’ Home Journal

We think your stories are just as good as those you’d find in a magazine, and we want to share them with the world. So jump in, show us your stuff, and if we choose yours for the magazine, you’ll get paid!
We’re looking for stories about happiness. What makes you smile and keeps you sane? Or, tell us stories about being a mom. Just let us know what’s on your mind.
Before you get started, check out these writers’ guidelines to help you on your way.
Have your story all written up and ready to send? Submit your story (a Word document is best) using our easy form. Your submission will go straight to our editors — we read every essay we get!

Submission Address

Meredith Corp.
125 Park Ave.
20th Floor
New York NY 10017-5516
Phone: (212)557-6600 and Fax: (212)455-1313
Or you can email us at We can’t wait to read it!
Have a favorite recipe with a great story behind it? Maybe it’s your grandmother’s famous cake, or the salad you make with your foodie teenage son. We’re also looking for recipes (and the story behind them), so send us yours at and you could be featured in the magazine! Yes, we’ll pay you for it.
And if you are ready to be published in regional parenting magazines where you can sell the same article multiple times, check out my ebook! I have national, regional and online markets so you have lots of options for getting published ... about 285 of them so far and I keep finding more!

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