Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An Editor Called me "Invasive" ... #Can'tWin

Okay, new tactic.

The other day an editor asked me to take her off my list because she liked my articles but I was sending way too many and it was invasive.

Now, I'm 44 now and my skin is thicker and I also have two direct sales businesses so I am not a stranger to the word no or to rejection but that did sting a little.

I wrote her back an apology and asked if I could at least send her my reprint list instead of every single article and explained that I was doing a daily challenge but I would not be sending her 365 pieces this year!

This has taught me a few things.

  1. I will finish out this month's posts on this site even though I am a few days behind.
  2. I will finish my submissions but attach an explanation about why I am sending so many.
  3. For July I will concentrate instead on my reprint list. Instead of just a title and word count like I had been doing, I will do a title, word count and first paragraph or synopsis so they can get a better idea of what I am offering.
  4. I will send out my reprint list monthly.
  5. I will send out new articles as I have them written, then also add them to a special section of my reprint list until they actually become reprints (something titled like "NEW and never purchased pieces")
  6. I will work on my author site in the same way, making sure I have a post for each article and a synopsis, maybe even a photo. I have to make sure each post is tagged correctly and is in the correct category so editors can find what they need when I send them there for their last-minute or monthly needs.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

30 Magazine Submissions in 30 Days (June) Day 27 #30Submissions30Days

Here is the post that started it all! I suggest you go check it out first before you take on the challenge. You can start the challenge at any time and each day's post leads to the next day! Here is yesterday's post, #26.

Here is the piece I am sending out for today. It's also a reprint like I've been sending and is an evergreen piece. Instead of sending my reprints once and then never again, I think sending them annually is smarter. Editors change, publications come and go, opinions and magazine space change.

I suggest you get a good system down that works for you. I use Excel and in one tab have all the publications and what they have used of mine (so I'm not sending a magazine something they've already used and wasting their time), in another tab I have it arranged by article so I can see when each was published and how it did, another tab for financial stuff like invoice numbers and amounts, and another tab for my submissions plan.

So here is my offering to the magazine gods today, and I'll keep you updated on how it fares. It's been used twice and I received $85 for it from just one round of submitting!

#27 Home Renovation Sanity

And here is your #27 tip/step/help for the month:

Remember who your audience is. I submit the same articles to every publication in my book, but I also realize that some of the magazines will never publish my pieces on homeschooling or attachment parenting, and that's okay. 

If you want to dust off your ideas and take the challenge with me sometime this summer, comment below and get my book here on Amazon as an ebook or as a print book. My book not only has all the markets you need with contact and pay information, but also embellishes on the tips I'm going to be giving you this month to get you going. I recommend the print version (I make the same amount of money either way pretty much) because you are going to want to make notes, cross things out, highlight publications you've worked with, etc.

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