Thursday, March 26, 2015

Join my Simply Aroma Essential Oils Team for only $20 Shipping

Seriously, you get all this stuff for only $20 even. Then if you want to keep selling you only pay $10 per month for your website. If you don't want to continue you just cancel before the month is out. Easy and no strings. I would not mess with you, and you know it. This is what came in my kit and it's taking me FOREVER to use it all. I do need to order more of the Fractionated Coconut Oil because I mix it with the other oils to apply them, but the 6 oils I got are lasting like crazy. Just watch some of the join video on my site and you'll get the code to join for only $20 shipping. It changes often or I would park it here.

"Make Money to Write About Your Kids" Print Version

We are getting close, writer and blogger friends! You can click this link to buy the ebook now if you just can't wait, but right now my husband is proofreading the print proof of the same book for clarity and all that and, since we are in Houston currently with him for work, I will be giving it a GO FOR LAUNCH before we leave Houston next week. (don't do run-on sentences like that when you write articles for the regional or national parenting publications, please ... do as I say, not as I sometimes do ... LOL!). Here is my husband proofing the proof at our hotel:

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