Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Save Money on Lingerie

Just because you’re buying high-class lingerie, doesn’t mean you have to deal with expensive price tags. There are great deals to be had on lingerie throughout different stores, their marketing specials, and with a little creativity you can access new deals with some added frills, your ingenuity.

Online Shopping for Great Deals

One perfect way to save on lingerie is to shop on-line. The internet has so many products available, that it is simply easy (and prudent) to shop quickly through the deals. Check your favorite retailers online stock because it will almost always differ from the in-store in product items, quantity, and stock. You may find yourself excited to see lingerie you couldn’t find in the store, available online, at a closeout rate. Double check on the return policies though, as many retailers do not accept returned lingerie, so use their sizing guide wisely.

Seasonal Lingerie Sales

Say it with me, ‘SALE OF THE SEASON.’ These are the magic words in lingerie shopping, as these deals are really only available once a season, so stock up during these times. You can save money by doing so, as if you know your sizes well, you can get lots of great items when they are severely marked down, and if you stick to the classic styles, they will last you longer than purchasing cheaper, lower quality goods. It's worth investing a sum of money on these seasonal goods and payday loans can offer you funding so that you don't miss out on some great deals.

Off-the-Rack Overstock Deals

You’ll save an armload through shopping specific retailers who aim to cut costs, so look for ones, which carry high-end lingerie. Look through these bins of great quality merchandise, and save, just because it’s not in the original packaging, or they company made too many of a certain item that year. Seek a few brands with great quality, and look for the gold in the bargain bins!

Sample Sales

Lingerie deals come easy, when you’ve found a good trunk show or two to attend. Look around the internet, and ask around with your friends, if they know anyone who hosts a trunk show. Many designers want their items to be displayed in these intimate ways, and it’s an amazing way to save money as usually these items are marked way down, to entice buyers. Once you find your favorite brands, do a quick search for sample sales or trunk shows near you, and make sure to RSVP to those invites, and make them a regular part of your lingerie shopping.

Throw a Lingerie Party

Many brides-to-be throw lingerie parties, at showers or their hen’s party. Make use of this idea, and throw a lingerie party, instead of a birthday party, for example. Ask friends to skip the nerver-wracking presents, and instead, all try to out-do each other with the best lingerie gfits for your birthday presents. At the party, throw it all in a bag, close your eyes, and try to guess who gave you what. You’ll learn about new brands, and have a laugh trying to decide who gave you what.

Custom Fit Budget

Sizing can be one of the biggest issues when purchasing lingerie. Go ahead, and get fitted at the store, as many companies hire staff who know how to help you find the correct size. However, if you find a great piece of lingerie at an affordable price, it may not always be in your new found size. To correct this, simply buy it a few sizes larger, double check your measurements, and take it to a seamstress. You’ll have the same high-end bra, custom fit to your specific size, and even with a little added cost, you’ll still be saving big, on perfectly sized lingerie.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eight Influential Women Writers Throughout History

Often minimized, occasionally outright censored, women writers have nonetheless made major contributions to the history of literature. These eight women writers are just a small sample of the many who have written valuable, engaging, and entertaining poetry and prose over the centuries.


Born in the 7th century BC, Sappho was one of the most admired poets of the ancient world. Ancient Greek scholars counted her romantic lyrical poems, which were often dedicated to other women, among the greatest works ever produced. Though a great deal of her poetry has been lost, her immense reputation endures even today.

Murasaki Shikibu

Lady Murasaki is credited by many scholars with single-handedly inventing the novel as we know it today. A lady in waiting in the Japanese court, Murasaki wrote around the 10th century AD. Her sprawling epic The Tale of Genji spans 1200 pages and took more than a decade to complete. Along with other Japanese women writers, she was instrumental in helping to create a written language out of spoken Japanese.

Christine de Pizan

De Pizan was a French author of poetry, prose, and nonfiction who wrote between 1390-1430. After the death of her husband in an epidemic, de Pizan, who was only about 25 at the time, completely supported herself and her three children on her income as a writer. Her best known work is The Book of the City of Ladies, a celebration of the contributions made by women throughout history.

Aphra Behn

The mysterious Aphra Behn was a contemporary of Shakespeare and also wrote several well-received novels and plays. All this was accomplished while working as a spy for the British Royal Court. Her short novel Oroonoko, about an enslaved African man, was inspired by time she spent in Suriname.

Jane Austen

Since the publication of her first work, Sense and Sensibility, in 1811, Austen has become one of the most widely read writers in the English language. She is the author of six books, all of which are undisputed classics. Unafraid to experiment with different styles and forms, her work was incredibly influential on future generations of writers.

Mary Shelley

Daughter of the pioneering feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and wife of poet Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley had quite the family name to live up to. She accomplished this in a single stroke in 1818 when she published the novel Frankenstein. The book was a pioneering work in the science fiction and horror genres, as well as a thoughtful exploration of some of the social issues of the day.

Virginia Woolf

The brilliant Woolf was one of the foremost writers and scholars of the Modernist movement. Her most famous novels include the fantasy story Orlando (1928) and the more realistic character study Mrs. Dalloway (1925). Among her many works of nonfiction and criticism is A Room of One’s Own (1929), a book-length analysis of women writers.

Toni Morrison

Winner of the Nobel Prize in 1993, the American writer Toni Morrison is one of a kind in her ability to give voice to marginalized groups of people. Her novels focus on the struggles of poor rural African-Americans, telling their stories in a fresh and lyrical way. She is the author of ten popular books, published between 1978 and 2012.

This list only scratches the surface of women writers throughout history. Since the earliest eras of the written word, women as well as men have been leaving their literary mark. Check out the graphic below for more iconic female authors:

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