Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reviews of "Make Money to Write About Your Kids"

Check out even more reviews on Amazon on the book page!

Tanya Scherschel said, "I bought your eBook about a month ago and have wanted to thank you ever since. Several years ago, I wrote a piece about a shopping trip I took with my children during the holidays. It was a solid piece, but I didn't know where to send it. I queried tons of magazines on your list, retained rights, and sold it to two magazines. I'm waiting to hear back from a third interested party. I've been hacking at this 'freelancing' thing for about two years and am so excited. What an awesome thing - to get paid for your creation! Thank you so much for showing me the right markets. It makes all the difference."

Kim Murray says, "I just got my first essay published in a regional parenting mag here in the Detroit area ... and I'm going to try to get some other mags to purchase reprints. Of course, I will also be sending out some new queries using your awesome list. This is just what I needed!"

"I wanted to thank you for all the help I've gotten from your book! While I haven't had huge success yet, I've only been at this for two months and work full time, so for the time I've put it, I'm getting there." -- Julia Derkovitz

"Overall, it's worked out great for me to have a list I can mass submit with...I've just started doing reprints of my articles, and have had success due to your e-book." -- Janine Boldrin

"I have your e-book and have found it very informative and helpful. I am finding some success here locally at KC Parent magazine and I'd now like to see how it goes with the RPMs." -- Christa Hines

"Just wanted to thank you a ton for your GREAT e-book. Before I had even finished "bcc-ing" the publications, I had sold a piece! Thank you so much. I've been doing quite a bit of writing lately but was completely daunted by the prospect of individually contacting all the RPPs. Your book helped me not only find them, but clearly spelled out how to go about submitting to them. Your price allowed me to take the chance without hurting the bank. I've recommended your book to quite a few of my writer friends. Love it!" -- Laura Amann

"Kerrie, Thank you so much for you fabulous e-book! I sent an article out to several of the listings in your e-book and heard back right away from five parenting magazines that wanted to purchase my article. Your e-book has saved me time and aggravation. Thank you for writing this!! I will recommend to all my friends.” -- Michele Boom, mommy blogger, freelance writer and former teacher

"Your book was WONDERFUL. I followed the suggestions you had, and on my first attempt, got an article published in one of the parenting magazines you suggested. Thanks to your book, it only took me about 30 minutes of effort to write the article and send it out. I have recommended your book to others. It was actually better than WONDERFUL. Thank you so much !!" -- Debbie Johnson

Jennifer Gregory of Raleigh, NC said this before she had even used the e-book: “This is very complete and will save a TON of time. The listings for the publications are very comprehensive and save so much time looking up the writers guidelines. I also really like the spreadsheet and how you note things like no reprints and exclusive. This will be great as a quick reference.”

Sunday, August 7, 2016

UPDATES to 6th Edition of "Make Money to Write About Your Kids"

Please check back here regularly for updates to the 6th edition of Make Money to Write About Your Kids, as publications are always starting up and going out of business and making email changes!

That's what great about the print edition of the book:  you can just cross out the ones that are out of business and add in the new ones! Then make sure to adjust your email submission list accordingly! Here we go:

LAST UPDATED August 21, 2016

Alamo Area Kids & Family ... do not submit. They are not a paying market and asked me to take them off my list for submissions entirely.

Baltimore's Child try

Bay State Parent does not say anything anymore about not accepting submissions and the new email address is

Coastal Family: editor at coastalfamily dot com

Columbus Parent is now

Faith and Family Magazine is no longer publishing so I'll be adding information for Catholic Digest instead

Family Fun is at

Flagler Parent/Volusia Parent: I am hearing from other writers that they are finding their work in these magazines from recently to way back and were not contacted or paid. I had trouble getting paid in a timely manner. Submit at your own risk.

Fort Worth Child and this would also be Dallas Child and North Texas Child

Girls Life email change

Good Life Family needs tween and teen articles but nothing about small kids, babies, toddlers, etc.

Hello, Darling (MOPS) does NOT pay but they have a large following of 120K with 60K Facebook fans so consider giving them one freebie

Homeschooling today is now

Hybrid Mom is now something very strange and is gone so delete them from your copy

LA Parent email is no longer good and you now have to submit on the site and the guidelines are entirely different.

Main Line Parent is now

Maritime Family has still NOT relaunched. Their website says their "latest issue" was in 2013.

Melbourne's Child is now at

Memphis Parent editor will be changing

MetroParent Wisconsin. Liz Paulsen is no longer with Metroparent. Please send all Metroparent inquiries to Amy Nixon at

Midwestern Family is now at

Neapolitan Family: as of August 15 the contacts are changing to Stacy Nicolau snicolau at neafamily dot com and Leigh Ann Newman lanewman at neafamily dot com.

Offspring Australia is nonpaying

Omaha Family: lauren at hathawaypublishing dot net

Parents' Source is no longer publishing.

Raising Arizona's Kids can now be reached here and they have an entirely different pay structure, which I'll have in the new edition of the book soon!

Red River Family: working on getting publisher at redriverfamily dot com or laura at redriverfamily dot com to go through and asking their best email for submissions

Richmond Family Magazine only uses local writers

Sacramento Parent: shelly at sacramentoparent dot com

Solo Parent is not a paying market. If you would like to get some coverage and offer them a piece for free, go for it, but they do not pay. I apologize for adding them to the book without researching enough.

South Florida Parenting requests to

Space City Publishing (several magazines): kim at spacecitypublishing dot com

Sydney's Child is now at

Tidwater Parent is no longer in print so please delete them from your list

Treasure Coast Parenting: trying k.ferraro at tcparenting dot com ... I had two emails for her and believe that period makes a difference

Utah Family: I hate to do this but I am taking them out of the book. I find my articles in their publication, notify them and then it takes them forever to pay. I recently contacted some other writer friends and they had the same experience. Once writer has been waiting two years for payment. This is not acceptable. If you don't treat your writers well, you will find yourself with no writers!

Valley Parent Georgia:

Valley Parent Oregon: Taking out of the book until I get paid :-)

The Village Family Magazine is currently on hiatus and thus, will not be accepting reprint materials at this time

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