Monday, February 23, 2015

Parenting and Family Magazines That Pay ... Over 250 of Them!!! (Print & Online)

Woo hoo! The 6th edition of my ebook for writers who want to write for parenting/family markets is live here on Amazon! There are 285 markets in here! Please let your friends know who might want to break into this lucrative market because it's exactly how I have a blast while making money for my family.

I've been in over 140 parenting mags and it's growing ... 50ish new markets in this edition!

As of right this second, I am working on the print version of this book because I personally love having a print copy of everything and thought you might also like that option. This makes it easier to highlight publications your work appears in, cross out email addresses that may change, black out publications that fold, add those lovely Post-It notes anywhere you like, etc.!

I'll write again when the print edition goes live, so if you don't have an email subscription to this blog, please sign up now so you can get updates on that, as well as updates on NEW MARKETS and publications that go out of business, email addresses that change, etc.

 Good luck to you, and never be afraid to contact me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Parenting Publications of America Site vs. Make Money to Write About Your Kids Book


In this corner you have the Parenting Publications of America site.

In this corner you have the underdog:  Kerrie McLoughlin and her ebook Make Money to Write About Your Kids.

Let's see who wins.

If you want to save your money on my ebook, go ahead and spend hours (like I did three years ago) grabbing information from the PPA website.

But realize that that site only has HALF the markets my ebook has and NO bonus national, online and international markets.

And it doesn’t put the email addresses into a nice table.

And it doesn’t share any pay information or writer’s guidelines or editorial calendars or writing tips.

AND it wants $40 for 12 months of access.

So if you go with Kerrie in this fight, YOU win!

Updated version available February 16, 2015 for $8.99 with a print version option on the way soon after in case you like to have a paper copy to mark up like I do. I like to highlight publications I have had my work published in and make notes about pay and any changes that occur throughout the year.
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