Thursday, October 21, 2010

Price Increase for Ebook

If you purchased Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines at the rate of $9.99, pat yourself on the back. Effective immeditately, I’m increasing the price to $24.95 to reflect the true value of this ebook. Updates are FREE, people, and this ebook includes over 200 regional parenting magazines plus the bonus national and online magazines. I do believe I briefly lost my mind offering this so cheap!

So tell your friends the new price is $24.95 … and how it’s worth double THAT!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Should You Get Paid?

What do you say when an editor asks you what kind of pay you want for an article?

I say start at 50 bucks an article and negotiate from there. That way you know where they’re coming from. If they ask what you want just for online, the general rule is 10% of print since online can be seen by anyone anywhere and if someone Googles your name they can easily see that you sold the same piece to many different places online. Print is more exclusive … so most publications offer about $10 for online only and I happily accept.

I know some of my colleagues will blast me for this policy, but I'm not in this game to get rich, nor am I trying to support my family with this money at this point in my life. If you are in this position and truly need to make money, you need to get the clips so you can start querying to the larger national publications like American Baby, Parents, etc.  This is what I'm trying to do at this point in my career:  get clips so I can continue to write for the regionals and make income from reprints almost effortlessly while also having the time and the clips to query the larger publications.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Don’t be afraid to resubmit an article you’ve already sent that was rejected. Editors come and go and have different needs. Trends change. The first time I submitted my piece on homeschooling to about 200 places it only sold to four regional magazines. When I tried again six months later it sold to a different five. You can bet I’ll be sending it again next year.

Friday, October 1, 2010


1. A good idea turned into a great article or essay

2. Writer’s guidelines

3. Editorial calendars

4. Email addresses

5. A cover note for your email submission

6. A way to track your submissions, time, money

My ebook includes:
• The addition of 25 RPMs, for a grand total of 231

• Email address tables, including updated writer’s guidelines, pay information and the bonus markets

• More editorial calendars so you can see what an RPM wants and what it has already published in 2010

• Sample timekeeping, money, publishing credits and submissions logs

• Even more Mistakes to Avoid, for a total of 25

• Fourteen more bonus markets, for a total of 36

• A sample invoice in the ebook

• More guidelines that are important to you, like which ones only use local writers or local material (quotes, sidebars)

• Information about starting an author website

• Better and more extensive tips for getting started

• More printer friendly with left margins for hole punching, a smaller font for less paper use and less color to print

• Sample email query letter

• Resources at the end of the ebook

• A new feature called “Kerrie says …,” which is my personal experience tips with editors/publications

• Inspirational quotes

• Free updates — check the Get Published website regularly ( or sign up for an email subscription. As soon as I find out a publication has started up or is going out of business, I’ll share that information with you.
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