Friday, March 18, 2011

Finding Writing Markets

You might wonder how I found all the markets I did for the ebook. Well, I went by the Parenting Publications of America list … gathered all the information I could and then went to every single website and grabbed guidelines, editorial calendars and pay information.

Then I Googled all sorts of things, like “parent magazines”, “regional parenting magazines” and even found some strange PR news release site where I found over 100 more sites to check out.

I also have Google Alerts set up to let me know what’s going on by putting in “regional parenting magazines”.

Sometimes I just stumble upon an RPM or think, “Hmmm, how come this major city doesn’t have a magazine?” Then I Google it and sometimes that city DOES have a magazine for families!

I know $24.95 seems like a high price for an electronic version of a book. But factor in free updates for as long as I publish it (this will be the 3rd version coming out soon), and it’s a steal! Don’t forget those updates on the site that come out when I find things out, as well!

Your first writing check should certainly cover the cost of the ebook!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Twitter and Facebook Overload!

Isn’t it so easy to zone out on Twitter and Facebook? To get sucked into long conversations about things you don’t even really care about but that you would argue to the death online?

Do you know how much time I once spent getting “friends” on I’m ashamed to say, and I never even converse with these people and they certainly don’t help much with my article page views.

These days if I know I’m going to be online (I don’t have access at home except through a friend’s cell phone sometimes), like at the library ALONE, I make darn sure I’m going to have something to SUBMIT that will make MONEY.

Then once I do that, I’m free to catch up on email and then wander over to Twitter to join in some fun. And then check out my pals on Facebook. And then hang with my homies on LinkedIn. Every now and then I even get the chance to read a blog or two!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When to Send Your Reprint List

How often you send this list is up to you. I usually only send one out when I’ve written at least a few new articles. Some writers may send their list out every single month just to keep their name in the brain of the editor.

Timing is important here, friends. You probably don’t want to send your reprint list out toward the end of a month since the staff will be frantically putting the next issue to bed. Yes, I know they plan months in advance, but the point is to have them read your list NOW and say, “Oh! I could use that next month!” Not only are you published faster, but you get paid faster! It’s nice to have articles on deck for months to come, but obviously the more you sell right now the better.

When do I typically send my reprint list? The last one I sent out around the 9th of the month, which was probably too late to get into the following issue. Next time I’ll probably send it out on the 1st. It makes it easier to remember anyway.
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