Sunday, March 6, 2011

My 8 Writing Goals for 2011

Pam Houghton over at inspired me to work on some writing goals for 2011. I hadn’t really thought about it before and pretty much was building a writing career day by day, but setting goals turned out to be exciting!

Some are attainable, some are probably reaching for the moon, but a mom’s gotta dream! Besides, I’ve got an entire year to reach these goals.

Here are a few of mine for 2011 and my progress so far:

1.     Write 10 articles for regional parenting magazines. (have written and submitted 8)
2.     Get clips in 21 more regional parenting magazines, bringing my total to 60. (have been in 47 so far and have 7 more planned, which means the pub said they want my piece, but you know sometimes it falls through)
3.     Break in to one major magazine, like Parents, Parenting, American Baby, BabyTalk, Writer’s Digest, The Writer, etc. (haven’t even sent a query yet because I want to finish #1 first)
4.     Submit one essay to Mothering Magazine. (haven’t written)
5.     Sell a tip or helpful advice piece to a publication like Thriving Family or Family Fun. (sent 3 tips to Thriving Family end of 2010 but no luck)
6.     Sell a fiction or nonfiction story to Highlights. (in progress)
7.     Submit 5 pieces to online markets like Funds For Writers, Write From Home,,, etc. (submitted one)
8.     Have 1,000 total followers on Twitter, combining my mommykerrie and Write4MommyMags accounts and link blog posts to Twitter. (was at 524 total; I’m at about 750 right now)

If these goals don’t seem very aggressive to you, remember I’m only in my third year of doing this while also homeschooling and raising 5 kids. I’ve only got so much time in my day to put toward writing and also have no Internet connection at home. I may be building my career at a snail’s pace, but it’s better than the pace of a couch potato!

What are your writing goals? To write a novel? To write 5 pages of a novel? To write for a major magazine? To write one query or 100 this year? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. You've inspired me. Yes, I am going to make a list of goals, too! I say it and never do it so now I'm going to do it. One of my goals is to submit an article idea to my local RPM. I've submitted essays but never an actual article idea. So, there you go. I have more than one goal, but I'm specifically putting this one out there in the universe. Good luck on your goals!

  2. This is awesome. Funny, when I read the bottom about not being aggressive - I laughed. While reading the list I kept thinking, Wow, wish I could do this. I guess it all depends on who you are talking to. I have to get myself going!


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