Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Bonus Market: Writing for Dollars
Writing for DOLLARS! is a free, weekly newsletter for writers who want to start selling their work or to increase their present writing income. It is distributed by e-mail free of charge. To subscribe, go to and enter your e-mail address in the subscription form that appears on every page. The debut issue was transmitted on December 1, 1997.

The Writing for DOLLARS! website is, a great resource for writers on the Internet. Email submissions/queries are preferred. You may query before sending a full article OR if you haven't written for us before, just send the article.

Payment before publication for exclusive first-use one-time rights in the e-mailed newsletter, Writing for DOLLARS!, after which AWOC.COM retains the non-exclusive right to archive and display the article online on its website forever.


ARTICLES Length: 500-1000 wds. Pieces longer than 1000 wds may be accepted on rare occasions, but good, tightly written 500-1000 word pieces have a better chance of being bought. How-to-sell to specific markets, interviews with successful writers, new ways to make money as a writer, are some of the themes we want. If you have some information that will help writers earn more, we're interested in looking at your idea or article. We pay! Payment: $15 for articles, $25 for solicited articles.

Reprints: We will consider articles that have appeared in print publications. We do not reprint articles that were first published on the Internet. Let us know when and where it was published. We pay $10 for reprints.

SPECIAL FEATURE Subject: How I Made My First Sale. (This is the subject... give your article an original title.) Length: 500-1000 wds. Tell the story of your first sale (the one that you received a check). The reader should gain some benefit from your experience (bad or good).

How to submit/query to Writing for DOLLARS!

Query with your article idea, writing credits, and the estimated number of words. If you have already written the article, don't bother with a query, just send the article. E-mail queries/submissions: Editor: Dan Case editor at WritingForDollars dot com Put "Query:" or "Submission:" at the beginning of the subject line to get past our spam filter.

When submitting or querying by e-mail, attach a Word doc.Please, no headers or footers. Single space. Block your paragraphs with a blank line between paragraphs. Add your contact info at the beginning or end.

Friday, May 27, 2011

How Much Can I Make, Kerrie?!

I recently read that a writer can expect to make about $1,000 on an article for a national publication. Sounds amazing, right? But this piece also said that it takes around 40 hours of work, including the querying, researching and more. So let’s say you land 52 prime assignments like that every year (good luck!), so you are working full-time all year. That’s an income of $52,000.

So the RPMs don’t pay those kinds of rates. That doesn’t mean you can’t make decent money while trying to break into the nationals. That also doesn’t mean you can’t write for BOTH. I mean, if a bunch of nationals reject a query, why not take a couple of measly hours to write it up as an article without national quotes or mom quotes and submit it to the RPMs? The way I see it, chances are you’ll sell it at least once. Let’s say you make $50 on that one time; that’s $25 per hour you just made (if you selectively forget the national querying time you spent). Not too shabby.

HEY, that’s the same as you’d be making at $52,000 per year. Hmmm. (don’t forget I have 5 little kids running around all day as I homeschool, so I don’t technically have 40 whole hours in a week to devote to a piece … that’s why my writing goal will never be to make that much money in a year.)

Another thing I love about the RPMs and selling my reprints is that it’s a TINY BIT like earning “passive income” … all I have to do is check my email for acceptances and then send out an invoice. I’ll admit I also sometimes have to hunt my “borrowed” pieces down, but it doesn’t cause sweat to form on my brow.

I’ve made different amounts of different reprints. I’ve made $273 so far on Pregnancy Sleep Solutions (sold 9 times), $365 on Homeschooling 101 (sold 10 times) and $95 selling Stocking Up On Meals Before (and After) Pregnancy (sold only twice).

The key words here are SO FAR.

My jackpot article is about Holiday Peace, which has made $531 and was published in 22 places in 2 years. I’ll query it to the nationals this summer. If I get rejected, out it goes once again to the RPMs who haven’t bought it yet. The beauty of this piece is that it was kinda like a journaling therapy session to try to figure out how to make my immediate and extended family happy, and it turned into a positive thing.

I think $531 is a nice fee for one simple article with no local quotes that I can sell more times. Every article you write won’t be this well-received … heck, you might instead SURPASS me, and I want to celebrate with you when that happens!

Thus ends this edition of TMI (too much information) with Kerrie McLoughlin. Hope to see you again!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Much Do YOU Make, Kerrie?!

Disclaimer: I started out writing solely for the pleasure of it and because I’d always wanted to and because it was something I could do while nursing a baby. The fact that I make ANY money doing this is good enough for me, but lately our household of 7 is needing a little more cash infusion. That led me to make some writing goals which hold me accountable for increasing my writing income every single year. Here are some facts for ya:

In 2009 I made $1,316 (not including ebook income, but including writing a marketing manual and doing some paid blogging)

In 2010 I made about $1,530 (not including ebook income; by the way, I’ve only sold about 100 copies of it, in case you were wondering … I’m horrible at marketing!)

As of the end of April this year I’ve brought in about $1,000 writing only for RPMs. If I keep going at that rate*, I should double my RPM income from last year. Of course, I hope to also break into some nationals and high-paying online publications, but again I’m doing this for the love of it.

*Did I mention I have another $1,000 in articles that are slated to be published? But we all know how that goes; an editor emails to say they didn’t have room for your piece and you go, “DARNIT!”

Come back in two days to find out the most I’ve made on a single reprint and how much I’ve made on a few others.

Monday, May 23, 2011

High-Paying Regional Parenting Publications

Recently Justine asked a very good question. She wanted to know which other regional parenting publications, besides Westchester Family and Western New York Family, pays over $100 for an article.

I honestly don’t know how much some publications pay, so there may be many more that pay over $100 for a reprint. I’m still submitting and querying all over the place and hope to find more like that.

In the meantime, here are 15 more who are definitely higher than $50 for a reprint (I got this information from my ebook, by the way and have not actually been published in any of these places, but I’ll never give up! All the pay information I have is arranged in a table after the writer’s guidelines for all of the publications.):

Ann Arbor Family Press, Toledo Area Parent News, Findlay Family News pays $35 PER PUBLICATION, so if they love your piece and run it in all 3 places, you make $105

Birmingham Parent pays between $35 and $300

Boston Parents Paper pays between $100-400

Central Penn Parent pays $50-125 for non-reprints

Columbus Parent pays 10 cents per word

Hudson Valley Parent pays up to $120, and that’s even for a reprint that just needs tweaking and localizing (I have been in HVP, but with a different editor, so I only made $35)

Indy’s Child and Cincinnati Parent pay 10-15 cents per word

LA Parent City Edition pays 20-25 cents per word

Metro Parent Michigan $50-350 for originals

My Child Australia used to be in the regular section of the ebook, but I submitted pieces as reprints until they said they wanted one and found out they pay 25 cents per word (6 months later). They are now in the Bonus Section of the ebook.

ParentGuide Florida pays $25-150

Raising Arizona Kids pays $25-500

South Florida Parenting pays $150-300 for originals

Southwest Florida Parent and Child pays $25-200

WestCoast Families in Canada pays $50-100 per article

DON’T FORGET … some of these publications choose to only work with locals, so check that out first. Also, if you have an “in” — even if you aren’t technically a local, but can interview real people in an area — sometimes an RPM will take your article if it fits their needs and you query first, or send the completed piece and offer to pop in your local quotes later if they agree to purchase the piece.

I’m pretty sure there are many more out there who pay quite well and just don’t want to publicize it. That’s my job!

For those of you new to my Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines ebook world, all the information you need to submit to the above publications is in the ebook kit for $19.85. OR you can just buy the 276 Regional Parenting Magazines edition for $9.95 (just click on the book you want to know more about at the right).

All I ask is that you please report back to me to let me know how well these publications actually do pay. If I break into one, I’ll let you know about my own experience. Because I’m submitting right along with you and am hunting for more publications all the time, this ebook is an amazing resource.

Justine and everyone else, check back in two days for my take on how much you can make selling only reprints to RPMs. I’ll share personal financial figures and let it all hang out.

Saturday, May 7, 2011 ... Search for Your Publishing Credits

I stumbled across when I was hunting down my name and wanted to share it with you. It's a publishing service like BlueToad, only you can put in your name (best to put it in quotes), and magazine covers will come up that most likely contain an article of yours. You can then click on the cover and see your piece! Using I was able to find a piece of mine that was published in 2010 that I wasn't aware was going to be used at that time.

Happy searching!
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