Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ladies' Home Journal Submission Guidelines

Okay, so here are the Ladies’ Home Journal Submission Guidelines that you can find on their website. Sure you could just go there and get them, but I like to provide one-stop shopping here on my site so you don't have to go searching all over the place. Good luck to you!

And if you are ready to be published in regional parenting magazines where you can sell the same article multiple times, check out my ebook! I have national, regional and online markets so you have lots of options for getting published!

Please e-mail your submission to lhj at mdp dot com.
Please write 'submission' in the subject box of your e-mail.
Please include your contact information including your e-mail address.

While we do not have specific guidelines about subject matter or writing style, we do offer these suggestions:

READ BACK ISSUES: We do not publish an editorial calendar, so familiarizing yourself with our editorial content and style will help you decide if your work fits our needs. Back issues can be found in the periodicals section of your library.

WE HAVE A FOUR MONTH LEAD TIME and seasonal material is usually assigned six months in advance.

SUBMIT QUERIES RATHER THAN MANUSCRIPTS: Keep your query brief-one to two pages-citing your lead and describing how you will research and develop your story. Be specific, and always direct your query to the appropriate editor, as listed on the masthead of the magazine. If you have been published before, send clips, your credits and a resume.

LHJ would prefer e-mail. However, if you are sending your submission via U.S. Mail, please address your submission in the following way:

Lorraine Glennon
Articles Director
Ladies' Home Journal
9th Fl.
375 Lexington Avenue
NY, NY 10017

ALWAYS INCLUDE A SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE: We will not respond unless a SASE is enclosed (with adequate postage for return of the manuscript, if so desired). We are not responsible for returning unsolicited material, so do not send original copies or photographs.

PAYMENT, STORY LENGTH AND DEADLINES are discussed upon assignment and writers are paid upon acceptance. Average story length is 2,000 words.



PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO QUERY OR FOLLOW UP ON A SUBMISSION: We read every query carefully, and do our best to respond as promptly as we can. It may take up to three months to receive a response.

WE CANNOT PROVIDE COMMENTS ON UNACCEPTED MATERIAL: Due to the large volume of manuscripts we receive, we are unable to evaluate each writer's work personally.

These guidelines will aid you in preparing your article for submission. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


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