Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rejection Means Nothing!

I woke up this morning to an email from a publication saying they used a piece of mine. They pay very well for where I'm at right now (25 cents a word). Yeah, yeah, I'm working my way up to a buck a word, but that's a little ways away.

But here's the deal that had me puzzled:

They rejected the same piece a year ago. I can't remember the exact words, although I know saved the email, but it went something like, "On second thought, no. It's not well-developed enough and wouldn't work for our intelligent readers ..."

It stung a little at the time but I moved on, obviously. I kept submitting to them.

Then today they tell me they used THE SAME PIECE. I kinda felt like they were slummin' or low on submissions, but who cares? The point is it worked for them (I'm sure they had to edit the darn thing).

And I'm still truckin' along saving to take my little family to LegoLand in California someday or my dad to Germany where I was born and where he was in the Army back in 1970-71. Every little bit of writing money helps. It adds up, doesn't it?

Keep at it today! Rejection means nothing!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Those Who Can't Do ... Write About It (Don't Give Up!)

Well, kinda. I mean, to contradict myself entirely, I do parenting and I write about it. Homeschooling, check. Being pregnant, check. Writing and getting published, okay, check.

Lately I'm branching out into other kinds of writing. There are the parenting magazines who are giving me assignments to write about things I'm not so sure about but want to try or want to learn how to do. I interview other moms, I do research, I give some stuff a try. I think about what I would want to know if I were the one reading the article.

Then there are the non-parenting pieces I've been doing. They are about things I have no clue about. And at first when I am assigned an article that I pitched the idea for, I freak out a little bit. Then I go, "Hey, I can DO this. I can REALLY do this since it's for a nice amount of money. I'm going to suck it up and do it and remember this feeling when sunning on the beach with my kids soon, using money I saved up doing jobs like this one."

And the first time I tackle a subject or a new client, it takes me a long time to "get it" ... like my $100 per hour goal is out the window. But then I get the lingo and what the client wants and instead of an article taking 3 hours, I can pound out a rockin' one in an hour.

It feels good, people, so don't stop writing just because you aren't hearing back from the magazines as fast as you'd like. Some of you will get assignments right away. Some won't get your first assignment until you've been at it for 3+ years like me.

Don't give up! You are a writer. You always have been. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Your time will come, if it hasn't already. And you will shine!
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