Saturday, March 31, 2012

Making Money Using AdSense ... Can It Be Done?

As I hold my first check from Google, Inc., I can answer that question: YES!

So my check is only for $102.23 and I've been blogging since July of 2008.

Keep in mind I turned AdSense ads off for a long time (over a year) because I didn't want my blog cluttered up with ads.

Then I changed the ads to mostly just below the posts so they wouldn't be so obnoxious. And I sat back and blogged like always. I wrote about what I wanted to write about on The Kerrie Show and on my other blogs I tried out. I'm still doing that.

I didn't tell anyone to click on my ads on purpose. I just blogged.

Oh, and I marketed the blogs when I could. How? Well, I have the blogs set up so when they post early in the morning (auto post) they bounce to Twitter then to Facebook. They also show up on my LinkedIn profile and probably a bunch of other places I've set them up to post.

Then if I think about it, I tweet the post again later in the day so people who didn't see the teaser earlier can check it out then.

I also make sure my blog address is always in my byline of articles I write. This is cool for online stuff I do because readers can just click on the link and come straight to my blog.

You might have a niche blog that takes off like a rocket ... good for you! Or it might take years before it starts to go crazy. I hope it's soon for you and that you start to see revenue from your writing!

You know how my thoughts are all over the place when I post, so please leave me a comment if you have any questions at all. And keep in mind that I am not a blogging expert. I should probably be writing blog posts to reflect my ads or something like that, but I only do that when I love the product and use it myself. I don't like to compromise my integrity ... just promote my blogs in ways that I don't always realize are obnoxious until someone calls me out on it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

References and Recommendations (Ebooks & Magazine Writing)

So I'm posting this (it's usually the tab called Ebook Praise) (1) in case your name/link is on here and you want to check it out to make sure it's still all good and (2) to make you want to be one of the cool kids who has a quote and a link on my site and (3) so you can see how I did it in case you want to copy me and do the same thing on your writing blog ... of course, I will take constructive criticism and ideas for other ways of doing things ... just remember my bloggie is FREE (except for the $10 per year domain fee). So whadya think?
Make Money to Write About Your Kids:
Get Published in Parenting & Family Magazines PRAISE
"Kerrie's book has been a springboard for my writing career! I wish I had known this information when I started. I would be so much further along! I'm so grateful that Kerrie is willing to share the secret to her success!  When I was in training to become a stockbroker, I had to take a crash course right before the Series 7 licensing exam. Kerrie's book is the crash course for getting published in regional parenting magazines! I wish I had found it years ago!" Kelly Stilwell, writer

"Thanks for your wonderful ebook! If it wasn't for your wonderful advice, I wouldn't be getting these articles accepted!!!" Dr. Anne Zachry, writer

"Kerrie's book has been a go-to resource for me in finding out information about parenting magazines throughout the United States. One of her talents is a willingness to share what she's learned with other writers so that they can make progress in their careers." Liz Sheffield, writer

"A dandy book about a very specific topic and market (parenting) that should help lots of writers get in print and fatten their larder, modestly. I like that you explain reprints and why it makes huge sense to sell and sell good copy until it expires or you do. A fun book to read too, as is your website." Gordon Burgett, author of 40 published books and 1,700+ articles

"Kerrie has put together a fabulous resource for beginning as well as seasoned writers. She tells you all you need to know for pitching your work to publishers and editors. Her database is fantastic. And her tips for "behind the scenes," like keeping track of submissions are spot on." Jessica Fisher, freelance writer and author

"Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines saved me tons of time in researching how and where to submit articles. After using the techniques and list provided, I got several positive replies. Thank you, Kerrie, for taking the legwork out of the process!" Laurie Davala, freelance writer

"Kerrie is very detail oriented and awesome to work with. She responds quickly to messages, resolves problems quickly and goes beyond the call of duty to make sure we - her clients - are taken care of. Do not be afraid to reach out to her if you experience a problem or have a question. This woman is awesome." Penny Lane, freelance writer

"I finally believed I could be a published writer. For people who know they can write but believe there is a huge gulf between their talent and the ability to publish, a book like this is a godsend. Easy, practical, and full of great suggestions, this is one how-to that really performs. Thanks, Kerrie" DeNae Handy, freelance writer

"You get so much more than just an ebook. I am SO glad I decided to buy this e-book I m just starting to explore the writing market, and Kerrie has been an AWESOME resource She is the real deal and really knows the market. She's on the frontline and and the bylines. Great read, great deal." Renny Fong, freelance writer

“For anyone wanting to write for the Regional Parenting Magazine market, Kerrie's book Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines is a must have. I don't know how I would have managed without it. She has done all the legwork in compiling the writers guidelines, contact information, and rates of pay for you. The cost of the book includes free email updates and yearly revisions. She sends the book as a Word doc. so that when you receive changes, you can make them right in the book. She's also included a quick reference spread sheet, sample forms, and lots of tips and insider information. The book will pay for itself with one sale, so don't hesitate another minute.” Carol J. Alexander, freelance writer and ebook self-publisher

“I purchased Kerrie's ebook in 2009, and it has been extremely helpful to me as I pursue markets for my writing. I appreciate that she keeps it updated, and I enjoy reading her blog updates and tips. For me and for many freelance writers I know who write for the parent/family market, Kerrie's book is definitely a go-to resource.” Christa Hines, freelance writer

“Kerrie put together an exhaustive manual for writers looking to get published in regional parenting magazines. She makes it easy for writers to locate the editor with name and e-mail address whenever possible and to query the magazine with a story pitch. This is a great eBook for any writer with interest in writing for the regional parenting magazines. Kerrie's done the research, writers just need to pitch.” Pam Houghton, freelance writer

“Kerrie's book has been a terrific resource, not only for its database of regional parenting magazines, but for suggestions to follow when submitting work, and practical tools to manage the workflow and financial side of the business. I have contacted her a time or two for help, and she has quickly responded. Her loyalty to her readership is very impressive, and I feel fortunate having her as a colleague by my side.” Rhonda Franz, freelance writer

“I bought Kerrie's ebook in October 2010 and was immediately pleased with the results I've had from using it. Kerrie sends regular updates which alert her buyers to changes in PRM contact information plus tons of other publishing how-to's. She is accessible, down-to-earth, and honest. Her experience in the market is obvious.” Tanya Scherschel, freelance writer

“I recommend Kerrie's eBook as an entry point into publishing in regional parenting magazines. The information provided in her resource is a very good value for the freelance writer who wants to break into these markets.” Lela Davidson, freelance writer and author of Blacklisted by the PTA

“Kerrie's "Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines" e-book is a must-have for writers looking to explore regional parenting magazine markets. Without Kerri's e-book I would be spending untold hours researching markets and editors. Instead, I spend my time submitting and getting published.” Kimberlee Murray, freelance writer

“Kerrie's book gives step-be-step guidance on how to get published in the parenting market. Her writing style is conversational and easy to understand, and she gives valuable insight from being in the trenches herself.” Julie Laviolette, freelance writer

References and Recommendations for Kerrie as a writer:"Kerrie may not be from the same part of the country as my publication but she made her story have a local angle that put everything together. Since then she has continued to send story ideas that are compelling and interesting. I look forward to using her work again in the future." Karyn Bowman, editor, Family Time Magazine

"Kerrie is a wonderfully interesting, inventive, energetic, and prolific writer. She can take on more projects and get them more effectively accomplished than anyone else I know. Just waiting for her first best seller." Penny Rush-Valladares, writer

"Kerrie is an excellent writer who brings her own skills to the table as she interprets research and experiences so that they can be understood by any reader. I would recommend Kerrie for any position involving writing and would gladly work with her on a variety of levels." Kathy Foust, Freelance Writer

"I have used Kerrie's reprints in my monthly parenting newspaper. She is thorough, concise, and professional in her work. I will continue to turn to her for articles on topics of interest." Susan Holson, Owner of Kids VT Newspaper

"Kerrie is a strong writer, and we love getting her submissions." Gretchen W. Cook, Editor and Publisher of Parents & Kids Magazine

"Kerrie has been an extremely dedicated blogger for the WM Network. Kerrie always fulfilled her duties with the highest quality of content. She is full of fresh ideas and a unique writing style, which adds personality and value to the content she creates. Kerrie ensures satisfaction and I highly recommend her." Alyssa Ast, Freelance Writer, Journalist and Author

"Great writer, thinker and person. I would recommend her anytime, to anyone who wants a competent and professional writer/marketer." Robert Ramey, Owner of Cinah Media

“Kerrie was a blogger for The WM Freelance Writers Connection for more than a year. Her posts were always done on time and she was a definite reader favorite. She is the kind of writer who is fun to work with, but who still maintains a professional attitude and gets the job done right. We were very sorry to see her leave the network, but she is always welcome to come back and we wish her well in her future endeavors. If you hire Kerrie, she will work to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Highly recommended!” Angela Atkinson, freelance writer

“Kerrie is an insightful and entertaining writer. She manages to write pieces that real moms like herself want to read while still giving her all to her beautiful and growing family.” Eva Gavin, freelance writer

“We have used Kerrie's work on several occasions, most recently as our cover article. She is wonderful to work with— cooperative, flexible and professional. I highly recommend her.” Gerri Friscia, editor of SI Parent

“Kerrie is very nice and she is easy to work with. She is quick to answer an email and has lots of ideas. She loves to write and her writing appeals to a broad parenting audience.” Vicki Girard, editor of Kalamazoo Parent

“Kerrie is a very strong writer. She is able to take a topic, make it her own, and turn it into a great read. She meets deadlines, is very thorough with her work and is always willing to take on assignments. I highly recommend Kerrie's work.” Megan Kirschner, editor of Cincinnati Parent and Indy's Child

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Format an Article Submission for a Parenting Publication

Let's take it a step further from How to Format a Sidebar and I'll show you a sample of how I send out a submission for consideration to a regional parenting publication. Remember, they don't like queries; they like entire submissions so they can quickly determine if your piece is for them. The info in here is not accurate and just for the purpose of showing you formatting, not writing style! So here's how I send my email.

To:  mommykerrie at
Bcc: Submissions 1 [has about 50 mags in it since Yahoo otherwise considers me a spammer!]
Subject: Submission: Why Moms Should Eat Chocolate by the Truckload

Moms sure have it hard these days, don't you think? They have to clean, cook, care for the kids and sometimes even care for their man and work at a job outside the home. My piece, "Why Moms Should Eat Chocolate by the Truckload" gives 10 reasons why chocolate helps to calm mamas down and that fat and happy is better than thin and mean.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece. I am happy to localize for a small extra fee. Thanks for considering it! And if you want to check out my other reprints, head to

Kerrie McLoughlin

Why Moms Should Eat Chocolate by the Truckload
By Kerrie McLoughlin
765 words
mommykerrie at yahoo dot com
1234 Super Cool Lane, Dreamland, KS 12345 [so they can mail me a check if they use it and don't contact me first; it happens!]

Blahdy blah and blahdy blah. Could this ever be a real article? I don't know. I'm just going to type a few lines or not. Don't steal my idea, kay?

  1. list
  2. list
  3. list
  4. it calms me down
  5. it's cheaper than drugs
  6. i don't get a hangover
  7. it's easy to hide
  8. it's legal
  9. it's easy to get
  10. your reason here
Bblah blah closing graph sometimes but not always. It's not like mandatory!

Sidebar: Chocolate Books (see link above for my post on formatting sidebars)

Kerrie McLoughlin kicks ass and takes names daily at home with her 5 kids and writes about it at

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BabyTalk Pay Update

I love having eyes and ears all over the place. Writers know they can trust me to not share confidential information. A magazine could put me in a chair, turn on a bright light and stick toothpicks under my fingernails and I would NEVER tell who gave me pay information or guidelines. No, really.

So "a source" told me that BabyTalk now pays a buck fifty per word. That's $1.50 to you and me, friends. Per. Word. WOWEE! Too bad they only use like 2 or 3 stories per issue. But it makes me wonder ... (I'm stroking my imaginary beard in deep thought now) if THEY are upping their pay, who else is upping their pay?


Now let's all go out there and get rich writing for magazines. Start at the regionals, stick with the regionals, rework national stuff with the regionals, query for the nationals while writing for the regionals. The regionals won't let you down, friend. They are a great way to get credits and money!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Writing Prompts

Found this blog, love it, am sharing it with you. I like this Scene from a Memoir and hope to start doing some of this. I barely have time to write the things I am supposed to be writing on assignment plus the other stuff I want to work on for money, but I feel like I have a memoir (I call it a momoir) in me. I just don't bring up too much stuff from my past on my main blog because it changes the whole tone of my goofy blog and can be a little bit depressing. So my challenge is to figure out how to make a bad thing self-deprecating and funny. Give it a try if you get a chance!
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