Friday, August 31, 2012

Photos of Your Kids with Your Articles

It's still exciting for me when I get published in a magazine, even though I've been in over 100 of them. Every now and then a magazine will ask for a picture to go with an article, and over the years most of my kids have been in them. Michael has never been in one, though.
The picture San Diego used of my Michael!

So I perused the online issue of San Diego Family today for my article on Lego Afterschool Enrichment Programs and there was Michael! I was so excited. He doesn't really care, but I think it's cool! Check it out ... page 50!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Market: WOW! Women on Writing

Here's one I'm going to try to pitch. Check it out! Here's the website so you can peruse.

We depend on talented freelancers to write for us. Please send your query and/or submission in the body of your email. For more details on submissions, see our writer’s guidelines and details below:
WOW! Writer's Guidelines
WOW! welcomes queries and submissions from its readers. Remember each issue focuses on Women, Writing and the monthly Theme.
Columns, Word Counts and Pay Rates:
Twenty Questions:  $50
How 2 (1,500 - 2,000 Words): $75
Inspiration (1,500 - 2,000 Words): $75
Feature Interviews (up to 3,000 Words): $75
Feature Articles (up to 3,000 Words): $150
We do not accept reprints. If you would like to repurpose a previously published article, please notify us at the time of your query and include the proposed changes that will make it specifically suited to WOW!.Acceptance is not guaranteed and is up to the discretion of the editorial board.
We require First Electronic Rights and the right to archive the article indefinitely. After one month from the date of publication, rights revert back to the author. Although we support you in republishing your article in other online and print publications, we request that you not syndicate your article on sites that provide free content. This practice lowers the value of the piece we have published, and using those sites strips you of your rights to your own article.
By submitting your work to WOW!, you are agreeing to these rights and terms.
WOW! pays on publication by PayPal or check. When your submission is published, you will receive a “live link” email notification. When you receive the notice, please reply to the email with an invoice that includes your social security number and payment preferences.
*Note: if you opt for payment by check, please understand that it may take up to one month after publication for you to receive your payment. If you opt for PayPal payment, you will be paid within two weeks of publication.
How to Submit:
You may either query or send the completed article in the body of an email. WE DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS. In the subject line you MUST include the words "Submission” or “Query.” Because of the high volume of spam we receive daily, emails that are not clearly addressed with the appropriate subject line may be deleted without being read.
Editorial Response:
WOW! has grown exponentially since its launch September 2006. While we are excited by the incredible interest and wonderful submissions from so many talented freelancers, we have found the need to amend our editorial response procedures.
We receive hundreds of queries every month and can no longer respond to every single query we receive. We will respond to freelancers whose queries show WOW!spirit, knowledge and understanding of our audience, a solid, fleshed-out article or interview idea, and which fit into our editorial calendar.
We have set up an auto-responder to let you know your submission has been received. However, if you do not hear from us, please understand that it is not a disparagement against your writing, it is most likely that your submission does not suit our needs at this time.
Helpful Hints:
Study previous issues and take note of our tone and style. Consider the contents and structure of our various sections: Feature Articles, Feature Interviews, How2, Inspiration, etc. Once you have a feel for what we publish, consider your own expertise and interest.
We are looking for queries that have a fully fleshed-out idea, a rough breakdown of the content of the piece you are proposing, and any sources if applicable. Please also include your bio, writing samples, and any other information or links you feel are appropriate for our consideration.
Do not send an email containing nothing but links. We will not follow them across the web to seek your writing samples. Choose your best and most appropriate sample to include in the body of your email. (Yes, we know it will be a long email.)
If you aren't sure your piece will fit WOW!, query and let us look at it.
Send email to:
Please format your submission in “web friendly” 14pt Verdana font, single-spaced lines, block paragraphs, with one space after periods and other ending punctuation.
Response times vary but we try to get back with you within 2 months. If you haven't heard anything after that time, please query and mention your submission.
Good luck! And we look forward to your submissions.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Roughing Up Other Writers ... I'm an Article Bouncer!

I like to get really drunk and rough up other writers online. I punch their articles right out of other magazines. (just kidding!)

So a fellow writer wrote me and said this (I've edited the email severely so it's definitely not a quote but it's such a great story I had to share ... then below that is my response to her):

Hi Kerrie,

Just wanted to share with you a funny story because I think you bumped me right out of a spot in  the XXX Family Magazine August issue...!!

I sent Jane Editor an essay about blahdy blah way back in November and she liked it so she asked me to follow up with her closer to the summer months.  I followed up in May and she said she would schedule it for the August issue.  I didn't hear back from her again and wondered what happened so I took a look at the August issue online and found your wonderful article on the magazine's blog instead!  Doh!

So, I'm happy for you!  But sad for me...oh well.  I know I have to keep putting myself out there but this writing business is killing me...I get some great feedback from editors who say they love my stuff and want to/plan to print it, but then I never hear from them again. 

The same thing happened with the XXX Magazine where an editor planned to print a commentary I wrote and asked for revisions and everything. She followed up and told me she planned to print my piece within the next two weeks...and that was back in January.  Dang thing never saw the light of day.  UGH! 

Here's my response:

That stinks. Sorry about that. I've always had problems with THAT EDITOR doing that ... I open it up expecting to see something she said of mine she would use and then it's not there. 

I think you have to keep bugging her, which I don't always have time to do. Now they are switching editors ... if the email changes I'll send out an update if you subscribe to the blog emails. 

Hoping NEW Jane Editor will be all on top of it. All I can offer is KEEP TRYING. The only reason I'm in something monthly is that I have about 70 pieces going at once on a reprint list. The odds are ever in my favor, you know? Keep it up. We are all basically writing the same stuff ... it's not even always about who did it better ... just who is top of mind or which pub has the more organized editor. I am putting this on the blog ... to maybe help encourage others?????

Keep at it!!!!!!!!!!!! Or just scrap the RPMs and go for the nationals. Maybe that's your thing instead!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update: Parent:Wise Austin Out of Business

Dang, they are dropping like flies, sadly. Got this back from Parent:Wise Austin when I sent an article tonight, and I'm pretty sure they are out of business because they never published one of my stunning articles (haha!):

Thank you for contacting Parent:Wise.  

However, the magazine has ceased publication.

Your message has been forwarded to the magazine's closure team.

Thank you for your support over the years!
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