Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FamilyFun Submission Guidelines

These guidelines are taken from my research in compiling my ebook full of parenting and family magazine markets. Enjoy!

Northampton, MA – 10 times/year (1,850,000)                    
ATTN: [editor or department]                       
47 Pleasant Street
Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: 413-585-0444
They have been bought by Meredith Corp., so emails need to be formatted like:
Check out the editors below or online or in the magazine.
Guidelines: Founded in 1991, FamilyFun is the country’s number one magazine for families with children ages three to 12, with more than 2 million subscribers. On every page, FamilyFun gives parents the information and inspiration they need to create unforgettable family moments. We are the trusted experts on family cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts, and learning — all the essentials that enrich the precious time families share.
FamilyFun is unique in the marketplace, delivering real ideas for — and from — real families. Our readers see the magazine as a reflection of their own lives and priorities, a place where they can find a community of like-minded parents and discover ideas for building strong, healthy families. Please familiarize yourself with the magazine before submitting a query. Our heavy emphasis on activities and ideas distinguishes us from other parenting and family magazines. We do not publish child development articles, fiction, or poetry. We are always looking for professional freelancers who are experts in the art of being a fun-loving, creative parent. Our criteria for content are simple: the activities must be fun, family-tested, affordable, and easy to do. We strive to entertain and inform with a writing style that is direct, upbeat, and personal. Our highly visual layouts dictate brevity. Articles are scheduled and assigned at least five months in advance of publication. Please send manuscripts and queries by email or standard mail only — not by telephone or fax. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts for feature stories; we do accept unsolicited manuscripts for the following departments:
         Family Getaways
         Family Traditions
         Creative Solutions (see details below).
Queries should describe the content, structure, and tone of the proposed article. We receive many queries on the same topics, so please be as specific as possible about what makes your idea unique and why you are qualified to write about it. If appropriate, include photographs or sketches of the finished project, food, or craft. Due to the large volume of submissions, allow six to eight weeks for a response. Supporting materials, such as photographs and clips, will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope with correct postage. Please note: Editorial responses to submissions will be sent via email, so please provide an address for our reply. Our features present activities that are entertaining for the whole family, relatively inexpensive, and easy to do. Specific topics include food, crafts, parties, holiday celebrations, sports, games, creative solutions to common household problems and family challenges, educational projects, and home organizing and decorating. Travel features highlight moderately priced U.S. destinations that offer an exceptional value and specifically cater to the needs of families. Similarly, food features present recipes that have a track record with families, dishes that are fun both to make and to eat.
Length: 850-3,000 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance
Submissions: Queries only; direct to Features Editor, Food Editor, or Travel Editor
         Everyday Fun offers simple, fun, practical, and inexpensive ideas and projects, including crafts, games, nature activities, learning activities, kid-friendly recipes, outings, and so on.
Length: N/A; please send ideas only (no finished manuscripts)
Compensation: $200 for each idea
Submissions: Queries only; direct to Deborah Way, Senior Editor
         Family Getaways offers two mid-length (600-1,000 words) articles every issue, some process-oriented, some destination-specific. Most are first-person. Each article is highly formatted and presents a family travel topic such as a road trip, insider’s city weekend, or themed roundup of attractions or destinations. The department ends with a reader-recommended destination or tourist attraction that is “Worth the Trip.” Because we are budget-conscious, we rarely cover international travel or expensive American resorts or programs.
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance ($100 for the idea if we opt to use a staff writer)
Submissions: Manuscripts and queries; direct to Becky Karush, Associate Editor
         Family Traditions is a first-person, Q&A-style, one-page department that highlights one family’s favorite or most meaningful tradition, such as a Saturday-morning ritual or a neat way to mark milestones. The topics vary but are often seasonal and usually focus on some way in which the tradition has helped shape that family’s identity or brought them closer together. Each tradition should be inspiring, but also practical and universal enough that readers can adapt the idea for themselves. Each article is accompanied by a photograph of the writer and their family.
Length: 500-600 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance
Submissions: Manuscripts and queries; direct to Amy Brown, Assistant Editor
         Creative Solutions showcases a practical, innovative idea that the writer used to solve a problem common among families: a game or homemade chart that got the kids excited about doing chores, for instance, or a trick that persuaded reluctant letter writers to keep up their correspondence with Grandpa. Each essay tells the story of how this Creative Solution changed or inspired the family.
Length: 800-1,000 words
Compensation: $1,250 upon acceptance
Submissions: Queries accepted, manuscripts preferred; direct to Debra Immergut, Senior Editor
         My Great Idea showcases simple, clever ideas that solve common household problems, but in the form of brief letters from readers. Length: 50-200 words
Compensation: $100 upon publication
Submissions: Letters only; direct to Amy Brown, Assistant Editor
         Healthy Fun features a collection of refreshingly practical strategies and creative ideas for staying active, eating well, and feeling great. It offers timely updates on health issues that are relevant to kids and parents, as well as humorous, knowing, and down-to-earth suggestions for working healthy habits and exercise into family life. Health-related products and websites geared toward families are also covered. The light approach and conversational tone underscore the fundamental challenge: sure, you know your kids should eat more veggies and get moving, but how do you really entice them? How do you make it fun for you and them? We’re looking for real-world solutions to the health challenges today’s families face.
Length: 100-300 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance; $200 for the idea if we opt to use a staff writer.
Submissions: Queries only; direct to Jodi Butler, Contributor
         Family Home features creative and useful ideas for the home, yard, and garden. We look for practical solutions for staying organized, new products, and easy, unique ways to decorate. The ideas must be affordable and realistic, such as those in the “success stories” (sent in by families around the country) that we regularly run. The column is usually written by a select group of contributing editors, but we do buy individual ideas.
Length: 1,000 words
Compensation: $100-200 per idea; $1,250 for writing
Submissions: Queries only, photos are appreciated but cannot be returned; direct to Debra Immergut, Senior Editor
         Our Favorite Things features parent-recommended family entertainment products and gear, such as toys, books, DVDs, video games, music, and more.
Length: 50-200 words
Compensation: $1.25 a word
Submissions: Queries only; direct to Ellen Wall, Senior Associate Editor 


  1. I just sent them an e-mail and it bounced back! It looks like they were purchased by Meredith Corporation (same as Parents) but I'm having trouble finding submission guidelines for them. Any updates for us??

    Thank you so much for all you do!

  2. Same problem here- any updates??

  3. Okay, if Meredith bought them, I would go with the Parents format (found in the ebook) ... something like first initial, period, last name @ ... You can find the editors of each department in the front of the mag or online.

  4. You can also find the editors in the ebook!

  5. Is there a place for a photos only submission? Or contract work for photos?

  6. The email I sent using the meredith format bounced back. I'm trying to contact Family Traditions at If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.

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