Friday, February 8, 2013

UPDATE and CHEAT: Family Fun Submission Guidelines

Looks like Family Fun has been bought by Parents Magazine Group. I've been getting comments about  not being able to find submission guidelines and not being able to get email to go through. Here's what I commented on the original submission guidelines post (worth the time to read the post since it has the guidelines for submitting to all sorts of departments, what they pay, etc. ... probably all that has been updated a bit but you can tell just by reading the magazine what they are looking for also).

Here's the comment I made on how to submit:

Okay, if Meredith bought them, I would go with the Parents format (found in the ebook) ... something like first initial, period, last name @ ... You can find the editors of each department in the front of the mag or online. If that doesn't work, try first initial last name @ Like this:


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