Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Be Fooled ...

Okay, so I'm committing professional suicide here but I've never done things the way I'm supposed to. Meaning, I'm like, NICE to people who write to me and I'm  not all self-serving and all about the money like a lot of "professional" writers are. I am also writing with 5 kids running around me all day, so that also sets me apart. I don't have time for b.s. so I'm going to dive right in. I suppose I'm more like a guy in that respect instead of an overly emotional girlie girl.

There is a moderately famous writer who has put out an ebook similar to mine. I'm sure hers is more PROFESSIONAL and I know it is half the cost of mine.

Here's what:

  1. She has only been published in HALF the mags I have been in.
  2. I don't see anywhere in her ebook description that she includes MARKETS.
  3. She used to tell her students about MY ebook until I said in an online interview that she was RECOMMENDING IT TO PEOPLE. Okay, she WAS recommending it to people, so why did she get so mad when I stated that fact? She got all into semantics about how she did not ENDORSE my ebook and then basically boycotted my ebook and would not listen to reason. Interesting how my sales dropped dramatically and now she has her own, SIMILAR, product.
  4. Why would someone with a successful career teaching expensive online courses in writing (a book at the library is free) and writing books want to infringe on someone else's territory?
You decide because it does not make sense to me.

By the way, I'm working frantically on the FIFTH edition of my book, which will be sent for FREE to previous purchasers. Can you say LONGEVITY?!  (p.s. healthy competition is good for anyone!)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Holding Yourself Accountable: Writing Time

I'm pretty sure you are like me.

You sit down to write. All distractions have been removed. Your writing space is quiet. It is time to write. You have at least an hour of uninterrupted time to write, to reach your writing and financial goals that you have for yourself and for your family.

You maybe even get a few good lines out.

Then those sirens Facebook or email call your name. They make you think you HAVE to check them. You wonder if you have OCD as you can't. resist. clicking. over. to. them.

You piddle around there for a while. It is, after all, to stay social, especially since you are the reclusive writer type (not!).

You go back to writing. Get a few words down. Perfect! You are in the groove. BUT ...

Oh, you know you just can't sit here on your butt writing while the sink is full of dishes. And speaking of your butt, a few squats could not hurt. Is that the phone? A radio survey? Absolutely I have time to do a very important radio survey!

Okay, writers, how do we stop doing this? I would love to know your tips because I am like a chihuahua with ADHD when it comes to writing.

And if you have no tips, let's just commiserate!

How Much Do I Make as a Freelance Writer? (Updated Weekly)

2013 note: I put this in draft mode after my laptop fell in the drink, got fixed, then the hard drive went kaput. I kinda lost the will to write for a bit after that. Yes, it's nice when you are married and your man has a job. Those of you who write for a LIVING, feel free to throw tomatoes at me now.

This year I finally have Internet at home so there is no stopping me from reaching those financial goals. Let's get there together! I love to hear from you!

Ain't no hidin' from the IRS for me!

Instead of putting this in the sidebar, it's going to be a blog post updated weekly. Remember that some weeks I am not able to work much, what with homeschooling 5 kids and having a husband who is out of town (excuses, excuses). Sometimes I am able to work a lot. Some weeks will reflect that I didn't work much but got many checks in the mail. That's why I average out the weeks every now and then, since once week looks like I'm a rockstar and one week looks like I'm a loser.

Lately I haven't been working much at all but the checks come in from when I was working hard, so it looks like I'm a gazillionaire, but I can assure you I am not. I need to start figuring in when I pay a sitter and deduct that from my earnings. Maybe next year! It isn't that often and hubby is supposed to stop traveling as of August 2012.


Week 41 (Starts Oct. 8)
INCOME: $80 RPM check; $125 BlogHer campaigns, $10.02 BlogHer ads, $50 RPM check

Week 40 (starts Oct. 1), 5.5 hours, $47.25/hour
INCOME: $240 Australian parenting magazine, $19.85 ebook
NOTE: Laptop fell in the lake so I was limited this week!

Week 39 (starts Sept. 24), 6 hours, $12.50/hour
INCOME: $75 blogging for regional parenting mag online

Week 38 (starts Sept. 17), 12 hours, $3.83/hour
INCOME: $1 ebook!, $45 reprint check

Week 37 (starts Sept. 10), 6.75 hours/$18.15/hour
INCOME: $23 reprint check, $50 reprint check, $20 reprint check, $29.53 BlogHer ads

Week 36, 7.25 hours/$9.66/hour
INCOME: $30 reprint check, $40 reprint check

Week 35, 8.25 hours, $19.98/hour

Week 34, 10.25 hours, $33.64/hour

Week 33, 6.75 hours, $0.00/hour. Yep, I got NO MONEY this week! All those small-hour weeks have caught up with me. This is going to affect my average for sure. Still, pays better than a lot of jobs, and I get to sit outside and write and watch my kids at the same time. Next week should be better :-)

Week 32, 5.75 hours, $13.04/hour (working on doing giveaways and reviews)

Week 31, 2.75 hours, $32.67/hour

Week 30, 3 hours, $34.95/hour

Week 29, 2.75 hours, $30.85/hour
YTD average of $34.67/hour
YTD 133.75 hours, $4636.45 income

Week 28, 6.50 hours, $23.21/hour (got a sitter!)

Week 27, 1.50 hours, $49.40/hour

Week 26, 1.75 hours, $128.57/hour

Week 25, .50 hours, $149.40/hour

Week 24, .50 hours, $89.70/hour

Week 23, .50 hours, $279.40/hour

Week 22, 1.75 hours, $22.86/hour

Week 21, 2.75 hours, $80.73/hour

Week 20, 4.2 hours, $37.65/hour

Week 19, 2.5 hours, $116/hour

Week 18, 1.5 hours, $-0/hour
(preparing to leave town)

Week 17, 2.5 hours, $44/hour
(husband out of town)

Week 16, 2.25 hours, $15.56/hour
(Contently slowing down, sadly)

Week 15, 2.5 hours, $60/hour

Week 14, 4 hours, $79.21/hour

Week 13, 3.25 hours, $60.59/hour
YTD average of $26.30/hour

Week 12, 3 hours, $18.28/hour

Week 11, 4.25 hours, $28.16/hour

Week 10, 4 hours, $53.46/hour

Week 9, 14.25 hours, $20.11/hour

Week 8, 5.5 hours, $27.27/hour

Week 7, 10.25 hours, $27.71/hour

Week 6, 9.25 hours, $35.14/hour

Week 5, 8 hours, $28.96/hour

Week 4, 6.75 hours, $7.41/hour

Week 3, 8.25 hours, $40.24/hour

Week 2, 8.75 hours, $14.84/hour

Week 1, 10.25 hours, $13.99/hour

Week 52, 11 hours, $13.64/hour

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make Money to Write About Your Kids

Welcome! If you have come here looking for national parenting magazine guidelines, you have come to the right place. My ebook contains national guidelines, as well as many regional parenting magazine guidelines. The regionals also pay quite well and are a terrific place to sell your reprints over and over while you are waiting to hear back on your national queries!

Make Money to Write About Your Kids (Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines)

256 pages in this ebook
238 markets in this ebbok
UNLIMITED opportuities to get published!

This amazing 256-page resource contains everything you need to get published in regional, national, international and online family, parenting, women's and homeschooling markets.

I have used this very ebook since 2008 to get published in over 120 magazines, and I'm still getting assignments and getting published in new markets monthly! You can find  my publishing credits at http://thekerrieshow.com.

This ebook also includes 14 steps to take to get published, 15 ways to generate ideas, 22 general submission guidelines, 25 mistakes to avoid, local sidebars and quotes, exclusivity, simultaneous submissions and rights, cover versus query letters, cover and query letter samples, your author website and how to build one, your reprint list and sending it out, taking on assignments, getting paid, a typical writers release sample, asample invoice, sample submission tracking spreadsheet, time tracking spreadsheet, income tracking spreadsheet, published clips tracking spreadsheet and more!

Only $30! Buy here!

Check out the references and recommendations about this ebook at http://www.thekerrieshow.com/2008/01/references-and-recommendations.html
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