Sunday, May 26, 2013

PostLoop Review

Update 1/5/2014: I keep making money here every month with barely any effort. If you put some time into it, you could make some money fast and have some fun and get some ideas/give advice in the process!

I included PostLoop in my April 2013 sources and income as a site for income I wanted to try. (In case you are a financial voyeur, here were August's numbers, which kicked April's butt into oblivion, and I post my income every month.) So I got busy working the PostLoop system and here's what I found out.

Bottom line: probably worth it and potentially $10/hour while you watch TV. This is a nice thing for someone who is really dying to make some money and after you're tired from doing your other work for the day, you can sit around watching a show and comment on forums. You make about 10 cents per forum post you make. Once you get on a roll, it's easy to whip out 5 at a time in one forum, then move on to the next. You'd be surprised at what you have to offer!

Signing up and getting started was a PITA, but I did make $5.08 from chatting in forums like I might normally do if I had time to do that sort of thing for free. If only we got paid to post on Facebook I would be a rich, rich lady.

I cashed out with just over 100 points and my total earned was $5.08. Because my rating was higher than the average rating* I was able to cash out. I received the money THE SAME DAY in my PayPal account. Bubblews takes about a week; Fiverr takes a few weeks to see the income (although once you cash out the income comes the same day).

Of course I'm going to give you my referral link because I get 20% kickback on what you post. It's worth it for you to tell people about this program. I'm not into wasting time, and this could be a time waster as far as getting addicted to commenting in the forums, but if you're making money doing something you would normally do for free, why not?

AND if you refer a bunch of people, you end up making money just from them being in your "downline." It's like Mary Kay! Haha! 

*Ratings annoy me. Anonymous people are rating you ... and I keep getting only 4 stars, which prevents me from getting into the mom forums. As the mom of 5, this is so frustrating.

Here's from their page:

PostLoop has some catches, but it was pretty easy to get to 100 points.

Withdraw - Sell/Cash Out Your Points

Withdrawal Rate

$0.05 per point

  • You must have at least 100 points to withdraw.
  • Your User Rating must be better than the average User Rating to withdraw. Your current rating is 4.00 and the current average rating is 3.67.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Rec: Around the Writer's Block

If I can ever get caught up on all my Fiverr proofreading/writing jobs I might get a chance to read Around the Writer's Block: Using brain science to solve writer's resistance by Rosanne Bane.

Instead of having to pay the library more fines for keeping the book so long, I'm just going to buy the dang thing! Here's where to get it on Amazon, along with some reviews!

Currently my struggle is procrastination. I mean, I even signed up to do proofreading to avoid querying national magazines, but I got honest with myself and figured out that it's because I am afraid to have a Big Editor Boss in New York City telling me I have to edit a $1.50/word article within HOURS when I have something planned with my kids. Fiverr allows me to set my own schedule, and I suppose I'm afraid to not be my own Big Editor Boss.

What are your writing challenges?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Income and Sources for April 2013*

Total income for April 2013 = $438.69 (spoiler alert: May is over $1,000; post is coming soon!)

For the record, I have no reason to lie to you about any of the income I’m reporting, and the most underhanded, nasty, smarmy thing I’m going to do is give you my referral links so I can make a whopping dime or so off of each person who signs up to do what I’m doing!

The dollar amounts I show are what I actually RECEIVED in my hot little hand or PayPal account, not what I EARNED because things show up at different times and take different amounts of time to come around.

I do not count my eggs before they are in my PayPal account.

Fiverr. I made $0 here in April, only because I didn’t sign up until April 16th. You’ll freak out when you see May’s numbers. The majority of my income is from proofreading in the wee hours of the morning when my kids sleep but I also have gigs for selling my ebooks cheap, writing blog posts, selling reprint articles and promoting things via my social media outlets. 

Bubblews. Signed up here on April 26 and received $0 by the end of April. May is looking hella good, though. 

Regional Parenting Magazine print and online articles and reprints: $340. Yeah, still working on the 5th edition of the ebook (see right sidebar for 4th edition) and someday plan to query the nationals but am too busy on Fiverr!

BlogHer. Just one sidebar ad here made me $3.30 in January, $5.49 in February plus I got paid for a tweeting program for $50. They have lots of rules to follow, like you can’t have ads from anyone else on your site and can’t even post blogger giveaway opps. I only stay with my abusive boyfriend BlogHer because sometimes he offers me chances to review cool things for $50 or to Tweet a few times about a product for $50 and then he sucks me right back in. I’m pretty sure he’s jealous of Bubblews, though. 

AdSense??? I put questions marks because what I earn is all theoretical here. It shows that I earn an amount but will I ever see it? So it looks like I earned $19.22 in April from several blogs combined, but … I don’t make any money here, but it’s fun to receive free stuff in the mail and just do a quick review. Then you can either keep, regift or sell what you got! 

Ebook sales from were $39.90. I also sell the ebooks through Fiverr but count those in Fiverr income. 

Here are some I’m trying out:

PostLoop. Signing up and getting started is a PITA, but I hope to be able to report back some decent income from commenting in Forums. 

LikeNation. You know how you enter giveways and have to like and follow countless people? Well, if you have your own sites that need a’followin’, check this out. You like and follow and get “points” to do it. Then you can post what you want liked or followed and can use those points you earned. So you’re trading favors. 

Come back to see May’s numbers because you will flip your lid! (Hint, as of May 19 I’m already at $605). Great, now all my friends will be hitting me up for a loan. Haha! 

*Yes, I pay taxes on every stinking cent!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Writer Challenge #5: Stop Making Excuses!

We are now far enough into this challenge thing (see other challenges check down the right-hand side of the blog under Categories called Weekly Challenges) that I can tell you to step up production, people! Picture me with a whip, whipping you into writer shape. I don't want to hear your excuses!

Here are some of my excuses for only sending about 4 queries to national magazines in the last 4 years:

  1. I'm pregnant
  2. I'm nursing
  3. I'm parenting two, three, four, now five kids
  4. I'm homeschooling
  5. My husband is too cheap to let us have Internet at home
  6. I'm tired
  7. My laptop died
  8. I'm not organized enough
  9. I don't have a 4-year college degree
  10. My husband travels so it's too hard to get any work done when I can't hold a damn thought in my head
Share your own excuses in the Comments section and know that I won't make fun of you at all! This is a venting place!

Just because I won't make fun of you doesn't mean I won't ride your sorry butt. I'm giving you everything you need to succeed ... why aren't you doing it? Why aren't you pursuing your dream? I know I am scared of success; scared of TOO much attention; scared of making enough money to be comfortable and am afraid I will turn into a jerky princess and lose all my friends.

When I first started I was MAILING out my ONE little reprint to the few magazines I could get ahold of that I found on the Internet. I never heard back from any of them.

So think of Challenge #5 as a teensy little break. Get your files together, get your ideas together, clean up your computer and your paper system. Keep working on your queries. Knock out other jobs you have going on. Clean out your closet, go through old clothing and donate it. Whatever it takes to get your mind on the prize, do it! For me, I don't want to query until I'm done with the ebook update!

Here's what I was working on the other day: getting old papers and files together in my basement ... filing by year currently. I have one helluva memoir project in store for me someday!

Spoiler alert #6: You should soon be ready to submit your first query.
Spoiler alert #7: Get a good system in place for keeping track!
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