Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FREE Kindle/Cloud "Make Money to Write About Your Kids" 8/15-8/18/13

My ebook, Make Money to Write About Your Kids 5th edition, is FREE Thursday 8/15 through Sunday 8/18. I would love it if you would download it and come back to leave a review if the urge strikes you!

I'm working hard to get the word out about my book baby that was born in 2009 but that really hasn't done fabulously in sales. I'm hoping Amazon is the way to go ... I really want to get this resource into the hands of those who want to write for parenting and family markets!

Here's the link. Please share it with your friends, family, neighbors, anybody! Remember, it's only free Thursday through Sunday then it goes back to the price of $9.99.

Thanks so much for your support over the years!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, wow. Thanks so much! I just downloaded it and will be leaving a nice review in a few days. :)


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