Monday, November 11, 2013

Get Organized and Find More Time for Writing and #GIVEAWAY!

Okay, just looking at the cover of this book makes me itchy. Not that I am a neat freak by any means. But I do like to be able to FIND things, and you don't have to have 5 kids like me to get very disorganized VERY fast. You can check this label here to see some of my Tackle-it Tuesday projects I've had going on in the past.

As for writing, you should see the stack of JUNK papers on top of my desk and then in my drawers and then in a large pink tub off to the side, hidden from site. It's full of things I want to get to someday, things that will MAKE ME MONEY to write about, but I can't get past my scary stack sitting right next to me. I needed help, and I needed this book.

If I am more organized, I am get more done ... more work-like, money-making things that result in a vacation with my family, moving to the country, fulfilling dreams. Simple as that.

So if the cover makes me itchy, the table of contents makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Section 1 is Before We Begin Organizing (cool, so you aren't just going to start firing instructions at me)

Section 2 is Let's Get Organized (and is it just me who sees the word LEGO in there?)

Section 3 is Staying Organized which is my biggest challenge ... within a month a table or a space is craptastic once again at my place

Section 4 is Resources

Here's the Amazon listing so you can buy it on Kindle if you prefer, but at least you have take a peek inside at the full table of contents this way! The author has organized the homes of people and I have been to her home and IT IS ORGANIZED and she is a WRITER who has published other books and does so by keeping her space organized!

I am confident that I can get my house in amazing order with just a handful of Sundays (I don't organize a whole lot during the week because I'm working/homeschooling, but on Sundays during the winter I am going to be all over this book, making notes and checking off things as I do them!) Once my house is all good and my mind is off that, I can focus on my WRITING CENTER.

Here's the Rafflecopter below so you can enter to win a copy of this great book, but if you are dying to have this book for yourself or to sneak to someone else, you can order by writing the author herself at shuckchristine at gmail dot com (gotta watch out for those spammers, you know), and she is happy to give you a nice discount on the book! Instead of the original $15 + shipping price, she's going to send it to you for only $11 including shipping. It's a book that will change your life!

P.S. Check out her blog ... you can find her on the right-hand side of this page ... Christine Shuck, Writer at Large.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

How Much Do I Make Per Hour as a Writer?

Okay, so here was October's income and sources for little ole me.

That's all well and good and I say I make that income "part-time" ... but what does that mean in my world? Do I make that working 35 hours per week? If I did work 35 hours per week, I'd be making $12 per hour, which is still more than minimum wage. It's still more than a lot of people I know make to do very difficult jobs while their kids are in school or are being cared for by someone else.

So a friend was hoping I did okay hourly and it inspired this blog post! I can't guarantee I'll keep up with it, so if you miss it, just nudge me! I'm very nudge-able and approachable!

And yes, you have writers out there who are making $50-100 per hour and they are laughing at my measly income. God bless 'em! I'm not competing with them. I'm sticking with things I know how to do that will bring income to my family. Also you will find 99% of these writers have grown children or kids at school or daycare and have a full 6 hours at least to have a thought and put it on paper in an intelligent manner!!!!!

Sept. 30-Oct. 6: 22.22 hours = $24.03 per hour

Oct. 7-Oct. 13: 16.08 hours = $13.71 per hour (my grandfather died this week, we were roofing, it was our anniversary [15 years] and we had weekend company and I likely dove into my ebook project which pays nothing immediately)

Oct. 14-Oct. 20: 21.08 hours = $19.83 per hour

Oct. 21-Oct. 27: 16 hours = $18.06 per hour (tons of Halloween and fall activities!)

Oct. 28-Nov. 3: 18 hours = $22.29

There you go! An average of about $20 per hour, which is about $42,000 per year if I worked full-time. Considering I can work in my jammies and don't have any expenses like gas or lunch out, I think that's doing okay for someone who gets to hang with her kids and husband the rest of the day.

Do you keep any logs of time and money? I'd love to hear about your experiences! By the way, here's my ebook that's only 99 cents that tells you the ways I make money and gives more details than I share on the blog. Then it links to another report where you can find a tons of ways to make money doing paid guest blogging and more (things I don't currently have time to pursue but I hope you do)! YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE TO BUY THIS BOOK! They have a Cloud reader that enables you to read ebooks on your PC or laptop!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

UPDATED: October 2013's Kick-Ass Work-From-Home Income

Let's just get straight to the point: October 2013 weighed in at a whopping $1,774.96 (if I could do that every month, that translates into about $21,000 per year working part-time from home and taking Sundays off ... not bad for a girl who didn't even go to college!). So far this year I've made about 12 grand from my home while homeschooling my brood and going out to play with them almost every afternoon. And did I mention October is one of our busiest months for social outings and homeschooling and life in general?

In other words, I have a life. I'm only working a few hours a day and if I could work full-time I could easily be pulling down close to $50,000, which I don't think is too shabby. The roofing project went over by about $1,000, and I'm able to help pay that off. The kids are still in gymnastics at about $200 per month, and Christmas is going to be a breeze this year. Hubs needs new tires? No problem!

Here were April's numbers, and then May's numbers. Then here are June's numbers, and you can see I'm increasing my income every month. July was amazing but not as good as August! September was $1,651.26.

I am in the Stop Whining About Money and Do Something About It Club! Care to join me? Open enrollment is now!

Disclaimers: For the record, I have no reason to lie to you about any of the income I’m reporting, and the most underhanded, nasty, smarmy thing I’m going to do is give you my referral links so I can make a whopping dime or so off of each person who signs up to do what I’m doing! The dollar amounts I show are what I actually RECEIVED in my hot little hand or PayPal account, not what I EARNED because things show up at different times and take different amounts of time to come around.

Just like always: I STILL do not count my eggs before they are in my PayPal account. Now, let's get started:

1. Fiverr. $531. The majority of my income is from proofreading when my kids sleep, but I also have gigs for promoting things via my social media outlets.

2. Bubblews. $303.52. THIS SITE IS NOT UP ANYMORE.

3. Regional Parenting Magazine articles, new and reprint: $155. That would be thanks to this little gem, and I'm not even really trying or writing anything new.

4. PostLoop. $5.14 doing absolutely nothing. I'm going to send you here because I have a lot of information on this and it needed its own post. Bottom line: probably worth it and potentially $10/hour while you watch TV. *IF YOU SIGN UP UNDER ME USING MY REFERRAL LINK, THANK YOU! PLEASE DO THE 10 POSTS TO GET STARTED; YOU WILL GET POINTS FOR THOSE AND THEN A RATING, THEN YOU CAN CONTINUE ON.

5. Private proofing, formatting, social media jobs: $530

6. BlogHer ads income from 2 tweeting campaigns plus one month of ads on my main blog: $107.06

7. Ebooks on Amazon: $11.24. Here's how to find my offerings!

8. The Kindle Pixie. This is a new business venture where we do ebook promotions (free days, reviews, send ebook to review and free sites, write press releases, do formatting and covers and proofreading and more!) and I split profits 50/50 with my partner, so this month we made $132. (updated November 2015 I do not own this business anymore)

Come back to see November 2013's numbers! (**I've also been updating for 2015 as well!)

*Yes, I pay taxes on every stinking cent!
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