Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My December 2013 and Year-End Work-From-Home Income Report ... Stop Whining, Make Money

Whew, December came back like a champ! It punched out November's scrawny income and came in at a lovely $1,484.69.  Christmas was a lot easier to afford this year, that's for sure!

As for 2013 as a whole, I'll cut to the chase and reveal that my income was close to $15,000, about 107% more than I made last year. I don't post this because I'm bragging or think I'm hot stuff. I post it as a challenge to you if you want to do what I do. Of course there are those who make much more than I do, but I choose to do what I do with kids underfoot. The income potential for you is there, and I just want to share sources and helps with you. I also post to challenge myself for future months and years.

I had a rich and full life this year. I'm only working a few hours a day and if I could work full-time I could easily be pulling down close to $50,000, which I don't think is too shabby. The kids are still in gymnastics at about $200 per month, and Christmas was a breeze this year for my family of 7 plus friends and extended family. I love giving. I don't spend a lot of money on myself and love having extra money to be able to buy presents for friends or give to charity.

In case you wanted to know, here were April's numbers, and then May's numbers. Then here are June's numbers, and you can see I'm increasing my income every month. July was amazing but not as good as AugustSeptember was $1,651.26. October was a little better than that. Here's November.

I am in the Stop Whining About Money and Do Something About It Club! Care to join me in 2014? Open enrollment is now and there are lots of new members!

Disclaimers: For the record, I have no reason to lie to you about any of the income I’m reporting, and the most underhanded, nasty, smarmy thing I’m going to do is give you my referral links so I can make a whopping dime or so off of each person who signs up to do what I’m doing! The dollar amounts I show are what I actually RECEIVED in my hot little hand or PayPal account, not what I EARNED because things show up at different times and take different amounts of time to come around.

Just like always: I STILL do not count my eggs before they are in my PayPal account. Now, let's get started:

1. Fiverr. $559. The majority of my income is from proofreading when my kids sleep.

2. Bubblews. $226.42. Just click on the word Bubblews and you can sign up using my referral link and I might make a dime. This is basically a blogging site that you can read more about here. Anyone can join.

3. Regional Parenting Magazine articles, new and reprint: $20. That would be thanks to this little gem, and I'm not even really trying or writing anything new. I got busy with proofing and slacked hard on this area, but plan to make a comeback in 2014!

4. PostLoop. $5.82 doing not much at all. I'm going to send you here because I have a lot of information on this and it needed its own post. Bottom line: probably worth it and potentially $10/hour while you watch TV. *IF YOU SIGN UP UNDER ME USING MY REFERRAL LINK, THANK YOU! PLEASE DO THE 10 POSTS TO GET STARTED; YOU WILL GET POINTS FOR THOSE AND THEN A RATING, THEN YOU CAN CONTINUE ON.

5. Private proofing, formatting, social media jobs: $355

6. Private writing client: $120.

7. BlogHer tweets, Facebook posts and blog ad income: $165.55

8. The Kindle Pixie, my side business helping authors get the attention they deserve: $18.50 (shared with a partner)

9. Ebooks on Amazon: $14.40 is my half after I pay my partner, who designs all my covers and does other misc. wonderful things. I now have 5 ebooks on Amazon with a 6th on the way (Laid-Back Homeschooling) and a 7th (The Kerrie Show Takes on Summer), so I am not to be deterred about this ebook business! Here's how to find my offerings! And here's how to find the ebook below for only 99 cents, which leads to another, free one with tons more markets for online and guest posting venues that pay:

Come back to see January 2014's numbers!

*Yes, I pay taxes on every stinking cent!
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