Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#Fiverr Tutorials ... Where I Make Money From Home #WAHM

I stumbled on in April of 2013 when I was looking for a way to make money from home online to pay off some mounting dental bills and other things. I was not disappointed. I immediately had a full queue full of jobs and found that I could customize my gigs ... if I was not busy I could put my gig on a 2-day delivery time. If I was full up, I could change it to a 29-day delivery time to discourage new orders. Give it a shot. It's a versatile way to make money online.






Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Post-It Organization

Monday, March 3, 2014

February's Fabulous 2014 Work-From-Home Income ... Stop Whining, Make Money!

February is a month I decided to slow down. I learned how to put my Fiverr gigs on Vacation Mode and took the opportunity to chill a little bit and do some decluttering around my house.  February still came in at  $1,141.95.  It's nice to not have to freak out when we find out insurance is done paying for my son's braces; paying for gymnastics is no problem anymore; and when I got a flat tire blow-out to the tune of $150, that same day I had money to cover it in PayPal from BlogHer social media things I had done. Every little bit helps!

As always, I don't post this because I'm bragging; I post it as a challenge to you if you want to do what I do. Of course there are those who make much more than I do, but I choose to do what I do with kids underfoot and I can only put in a handful of hours per week. The income potential for you is there, and I just want to share sources and helps with you.

In case you wanted to know, here were April's numbers, and then May's numbers. Then here are June's numbers, and you can see I'm increasing my income every month. July was amazing but not as good as AugustSeptember was $1,651.26. October was a little better than that. Here's November. Here was December 2013. And here was January.

I am in the Stop Whining About Money and Do Something About It Club! Care to join me in 2014? Open enrollment is now and there are lots of new members!

Disclaimers: For the record, I have no reason to lie to you about any of the income I’m reporting, and the most underhanded, nasty, smarmy thing I’m going to do is give you my referral links so I can make a whopping dime or so off of each person who signs up to do what I’m doing! The dollar amounts I show are what I actually RECEIVED in my hot little hand or PayPal account, not what I EARNED because things show up at different times and take different amounts of time to come around.

Just like always: I STILL do not count my eggs before they are in my PayPal account. Now, let's get started:

1. Fiverr and other private proofreading. $360. The majority of my income is from proofreading when my kids sleep.

2. Bubblews. $209.36. THIS SITE IS NOT UP ANYMORE. This was basically a blogging site.

3. Regional Parenting Magazine articles, new and reprint: $190. That would be thanks to this little gem, and I'm not even really trying or writing anything new. I got busy with proofing and slacked hard on this area, but plan to make a comeback in 2014! My girlfriend also just got a piece published using the email submissions list I have in this book. It works!

4. PostLoop. $5.73 doing not much at all. I'm going to send you here because I have a lot of information on this and it needed its own post. Bottom line: probably worth it and potentially $10/hour while you watch TV. *IF YOU SIGN UP UNDER ME USING MY REFERRAL LINK, THANK YOU! PLEASE DO THE 10 POSTS TO GET STARTED; YOU WILL GET POINTS FOR THOSE AND THEN A RATING, THEN YOU CAN CONTINUE ON.

5. BlogHer tweets, Facebook posts and blog ad income, as well as a nice check from AdSense: $342.15

6. Ebooks on Amazon: $34.71. Here's how to find my offerings!

*Yes, I pay taxes on every stinking cent!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

BlogHer ... ads for your blog, paid social media

I love BlogHer so much. Every time I log on to deal with my ads or my social media touts (logging when and where I did social media for a campaign I get paid for), I always get sucked into the posts on the front page. Without fail there is something that catches my interest and I usually end up commenting and getting a great idea for an article or post of my own in the future with my own angle.

A few years ago I signed up to see if I could get BlogHer ads on my main blog, The Kerrie Show. They accepted me and sent me the paperwork via email and then, not having internet at home and not checking my other email account often enough, I dropped the ball and lost out. I re-applied, was accepted again and this time got in all my stuff despite my internet and fax challenges.

*I'm not saying everyone with a blog will be accepted to BlogHer

What does all this mean? It means I have their ads on my blog. I don't make much on that but it's based on views and not clicks so the more traffic I have the more money I make. Currently I'm making about $5 per month from ads and that's based on not even 2K visitors per month. So if you have a decent blog with decent traffic, you could make some good money.

Then there are the social media projects. These pay $50 for 8 tweets or Facebook posts, usually. Sometimes they'll pay $25 for 4. Sometimes you can do a sponsored post for good money, or get involved in a Twitter party. This is where I make my money: from the social media posting. In February alone I was involved with about 5 programs at $50 each, which will pay via PayPal within about 45 days.

So there's my personal experience with BlogHer over the last few years. They don't want you to have other ads or rude content, but other than that you can post as often as you want. They like you to post at least 3 times per week.

Here's a good post out of hundreds, called On the Pursuit of Blogging Fame.

Give it a shot!
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