Tuesday, April 11, 2017

250+ Parenting Magazines in One Book (Regional and National and Online)

I compiled an ebook in 2009 about how to get published in regional parenting magazines. I compiled dozens and dozens of magazines' information in one spot to help myself with the submissions process. I had moderate success and wanted to organize all the magazines because I was striving for being published in even more of them and making money at it as well. So to the basic writer's guidelines and contact info for the magazines I added practical information like how to submit to them and tips and tricks and it turned into a large ebook that has been compared to Writer's Market (only Writer's Market has a handful of parenting magazines and I have over 200).

I have updated this ebook every year and now I have over 150 publishing credits under my belt (list is here so you can check it out) and am still writing. It's a great business to be in because I can take a long break to do proofreading projects or write ebooks or work on my direct sales businesses and then always come back to it. Even without writing any new pieces for many months, my reprints keep selling. It's nice to get a check for $70 when you just got an unexpected $70 bill in the mail from someone else!

True story: One day a blogger content group showed up on my Facebook newsfeed and it was a writer offering all these parenting pieces for $15 to bloggers but only one person could have each piece. I immediately wrote her and asked if she knew that she could sell those same pieces for $35 and sell them over and over again? She was skeptical so I sent her the table version of my ebook. She was in love and bought the book. I contacted a photographer as well and the same thing happened.

So I figured what would it hurt to offer you the list for free? If you love it and want the full guidelines in the 256-page ebook plus all the insider info from someone who has been doing this for going on 10 years, you'll get the ebook, print it out and start submitting to magazines! If not, you still have the list and good luck to you! (here's the link to the ebook in case you want to do that thing Amazon lets you do and check out a sample of it first).

It's also in print now and I'm working on the 7th edition, to come out this summer, and there will be even more paid markets! Sign up for an email subscription to find out the moment it launches :-) and get a free sample of the book, including FIVE markets that pay $50 plus for reprints!

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