Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#Giveaway of "Make Money to Write About Your Kids"!!!

It's time for a giveaway of a print copy of Make Money to Write About Your Kids: Get Published in Regional, National & Online Parenting & Family Magazines!!!!!!

If you blog or write at all, you need this book! If you like to make money at all, you need this book! If you want to work from home and be with your kids or write while on vacation or while traveling or on the go, you need this book!

There are 285 markets in this book and I add new ones in the Updates section of this site and make sure to update email addresses and pay information as well! Oh, and did I mention I am ACCESSIBLE?! Yep, you can find me on email or Facebook or here if you want to ask me any questions about getting published! Please poke around on this site for more information about writing from home, writing in general, time management, etc. I am excited to grow this blog in the coming months during summer homeschool vacation!


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Still Make Money Selling My Parenting and Family Reprints! (Marketing is the Key)

Nope, I didn't just WRITE the book on getting published in parenting and family magazines over and over again using the SAME article!

I am PROOF that it works because I do it and have been doing it for going on 10 years! I sent out my two Mother's Day offerings in March and have so far been accepted in 5 different magazines for a total of $170! Keep in mind here that these articles are FOUR YEARS OLD and they keep selling. I just have to market them!

How do you market an article?

You don't forget about it. You don't write it, sell it once and let it rot.

You say, "Hmmm, I'm going to send out this Mother's Day piece I popped off in December to every magazine in Kerrie's ebook. And I'm probably going to hear back from a few magazines. But then I have to put a reminder SOMEWHERE to also send it out AGAIN to all publications EXCEPT the ones who accepted it the first time (otherwise I am just rude and annoying) sometime around March for all those publications who DO NOT work 6 months in advance."

There are a lot of magazines who work 6 months out and have it all planned out. But if something INSANELY FABULOUS comes into their email box, they might bump something else or make more space.

There are also a lot of magazines who work LAST-MINUTE and you want to be their go-to writer, believe me. It's April 23 as I write this and most magazines are all put to bed, but just today I got another Mother's Day acceptance. I am happy to be the last-minute filler girl, and you should be also!

How can you do what I am doing? Just grab my print book (so you can mark it up and make changes, additions, deletions, highlights, etc.) and get going! Write me for the .csv file so you can more quickly get the emails in your system and get submitting! And don't forget you can send things previously published on your blog, on Huffington Post Parents, ANYWHERE that you did not sign a contract saying you wouldn't. If it's your work, you can sell it again and again as long as you don't sign anything saying you can't shop it around for a year or something. I don't advise you do that! Here's the link!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Are You Writing for FREE? Part One: Huffington Post Parents and Other NonPaying Sites

So this morning I saw this post on a lady entrepreneur group on Facebook. It was by a woman who was so excited that she wrote on her blog about NOT working for free and then Huffington Post online picked it up.

I asked her if they paid her or if she was working for free. She said they did not pay her but their COVERAGE is amazing. Um, okay. But isn't that ironic? You wrote about NOT working for free and you are doing it. And coverage doesn't really show up in my mailbox as a cold, hard check I can take to the bank and pay for braces, food, gas for my massive E350, vacations, retirement, a cute vintage dress, my monthly Weight Watchers pass.

To see the rest of this article, please come on over to The Published Parent! Never miss a post ... sign up for an email subscription over there please!
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