Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Are You Writing for FREE? Part Two: Blogging

See Part One here where I kinda sorta rail on Huffington Post Parents online and I rail on YOU for not buying my book and giving getting published FOR REAL MONEY a shot! Let's recap: you can't buy your bottle of moscato with COVERAGE (coverage = lots of people who read a popular website see your piece and MAYBE share it and MAYBE follow you and MAYBE care).

I love blogging. I started doing it around 2006 when my third kid was just a baby nursing and in my arms all the time. It was something I could do one-handed and feel like I was using my brain. But I didn't make any money doing it. I had to figure out a way to make money while also doing the stay-at-home mom gig I loved so much. I mean, really, WHY NOT?

Blogging keeps your mind fresh. I do it because I don't have time to scrapbook anymore and it has become our online memory book of vacations and other fun times. Sometimes, though, I will pop off something I think is pretty damn brilliant and I copy it and paste it into a new document and it's like 500+ words and I say to myself,

"Hmm. That's long enough to submit to the regional parenting magazine markets I have all set up in my email contacts list. I'm going to go ahead and publish this on the blog for some lovin' for it and at the same time submit it to print and online magazines. And yeah, I think it's good enough for the amazing Huffington Post Parents online or some other parenting site that does not pay, but I'm going to try to get some money out of this thing."

By the way, why am I writing about this topic HERE instead of pitching it to writing magazines that pay? That, my friend, is a good question and has been on my to do list for a very long time. Let's see if I can hit that goal while the kiddies are out of official homeschool for the summer!

ANYWAY, another great reason for blogging is so you can take a ton of blog posts and turn them into a possible book or ebook. You might THINK you are just blogging but then all of a sudden you realize you have a lot of great posts that all link up and form a coherent idea that could really help people!

So where would you start if you wanted to send a piece to a magazine? Well, um, Writer's Market put out by Writer's Digest. It's been around FOREVER. And if you wanted to submit to the family and parenting markets? Well, Writer's Market sucks for that, sorry. They only have a tiny handful of those markets.

But I have a ton of markets! And they pay! After I realized Writer's Market sucked, I spent hours collecting them while my kids slept or nursed on me or played happily and I did it for you! I know a writer who had a regional parenting magazine see her piece on her blog and buy it and she got to leave it on her blog. But why wait for that? Why not go straight to the mags? You can do both if you want! And by "both" I mean EVERYTHING!

This is important, so please pay attention!

You can have a piece on your own blog while you also get it published MULTIPLE PLACES ... Houston Family, San Diego Family, Pittsburgh Parent, Baton Rouge Parents, Treasure Coast Parenting, Western New York Family and more all at the same time or in the same year or whenever they want to use your piece. There. So now you are on your own blog being wonderful YOU and you have $200+ in your bank account on top of it!

I am done lecturing and scolding you. But you have to go here to buy my book, which is available in both ebook and print versions!

This is where I write. At this Formica table. That's my little blue wireless mouse, and the kitchen is behind me since I seem to spend a lot of time there! I have a corner office with a window (so I can see what the naughty McKids are up to!)
And come back because, as always, I have more to share!

Part Three will ask why you are writing for content mills for 5 bucks an article

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stay on Top of Sending Your Article Reprints & Where I'm Published This Month

So I wrote a couple of Mother's Day pieces. One on Mother's Day dilemmas and how to solve them and one on Mother's Day traditions. They did pretty well the first year then I let them rot. I am not the most organized person in the world but I try. Life gets going and I forget to send my articles out and often wish I had an assistant who could get in my face and tell me to send articles annually when they are wanted.

***Hmmm, I finally sucked it up and got a smartphone ... I'm thinking I could grab all my article titles (there are over 75 at this point) and figure out when best to send them. At least the holiday-specific and back-to-school ones. I could plug them in my calendar somehow to remind me to send them out.

Anyway ... this year I grabbed the Mother's Day articles from my hard drive and sent each one out separately to all my contacts that are in my book since I was updating the book anyway. That one little action made me at least $250.

For two pieces I wrote years ago.

All I did was mass submit them. Not one at a time emailing, friend. Like blind carbon copy.

Some publications wrote me back and let me know they wanted to use my piece and what they would pay. Some I found while checking my name on or Googling the article name. Some emailed me after they used it and let me know they were sending a check.

Where do I write? You want proof? Okey dokey. Palm Beach Parenting, San Diego Family, Calgary's Child, Central Penn Parent, Valley Parent Georgia, Western New York Family. That's just this month that I know about.

Yes, I am telling you to buy my book. I make money using it 6 years later. I could be making a lot more money using it if I didn't have so many other things going on in my life. And don't think for a second that I take up all the space in these magazines. They needs tons of pieces every month and are dying for good content. There is success for all of us. Money for all of us. A writing career for all of us, writer friend!

Here's the book! You gotta get it and tell your friends! I make the same royalty whether you get the print or ebook version and I recommend the print version so you can mark it up and make changes to it.

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