Monday, August 17, 2015

Where I'm #Published & My #Article #ResidualIncome August 2015 #amwriting

I like to let you know where I'm published each month not to brag, but to let you know you can also be doing it. To let you know that if you don't quit and you keep going, you will succeed! Check out my #30Submissions30Days challenge here! And of course you can do exactly what I'm doing if you buy my book here on Amazon! This month I earned a total of $330, and all of these pieces were written long ago. I would say that's a nice little residual income on pieces I had written months to years ago that still sell from month to month while I have time to focus on writing brand new pieces! Give it a try!

Check out these awesome magazines, too!

1. Eastern Shore Parents, Forming Friendships from Toddler to Teen

2. Montgomery Parents, Forming Friendships from Toddler to Teen

3. Toledo Parent, Kids and Cell Phones

4. Ann Arbor Family, Kids and Cell Phones

5. Birmingham Parent, Rock the Next Fundraiser

6. Kids Life AL, Only Isn't Lonely

7. Valley Parent Oregon, Only Isn't Lonely

8. Palm Beach Parenting, Kids and Cell Phones

9. and 10. Atlanta Parent, Fundraising Life Lessons Learned and What's Right About Lefties

11. Georgia Family, Forming Friendships from Toddler to Teen

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