Monday, February 22, 2016

My Ideal #Writing Day #WorkingFromHome

Do you ever think about your ideal working or writing day from home? I also call it my Dream Writing Day.

My dream writing day would have more than 24 hours in it. Maybe like 50 hours.

I would not have to take breaks to eat or pee. My little kids would not need me to come sit with them on the steps while they pee because they are scared of monsters. They also would not need to eat. HA!

I would have unlimited energy.

I would have plenty of time for homeschooling my kids in a quality manner and to have fun with them outside of the house as well.

I would go for an hour walk, listening to helpful podcasts about writing and saving money.

I would have a clean email inbox with everything in its place and nothing in the inbox. As emails would come in, I would take care of them, print them for my planner or move them where they go.

I would finish my Tater Tot Casserole ebook update with improvements and also get it uploaded to CreateSpace for print because it is SOCLOSE to being done.

I would then rock out the 7th edition of my Make Money to Write About Your Kids because the 6th edition is about a year old and IT IS TIME FOR THE UPDATE.

I would then begin on a NEW PROJECT (one of about 10) that has been on my mind for a book.

I would write one post for each of my 75 blogs (okay, it's not that many but I have a lot and I love them all and they each represent an aspect of who I am and what I can offer readers), especially this one, which is really taking off and is all about our finances!

I think a key for me is COMPLETING SOMETHING, anything. Instead of working 10 minutes here and there on a project, I have to force myself to complete ONE THING. And a problem I have is HYPERFOCUS. I get afraid to start on a project all-in because I neglect other things that need to be done when I get all into one project. I have trouble stopping once I start and often that's why I don't even start.

What does your dream writing day look like and what are your challenges?

Monday, February 8, 2016

American Baby Magazine Submission Writers Guidelines = Fit Pregnancy and Baby

I just got this info from over here at Writer's Digest!!! And here's more updated info from Publishers Daily! Basically with this February 2016 issue, American Baby is no more and has merged with Fit Pregnancy to form ...
Here are the submission guidelines from their website! You will also find these in the 7th edition of my book, Make Money to Write About Your Kids: Get Published in Regional, National & Online Parenting & Family Magazines. You can find the 6th edition here on Kindle (huge sale!) and in print version. You can download it FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited! You can also wait for the 7th edition to come out in a month or two and keep on writing and pitching queries in the meantime!
FIT PREGNANCY  is a website covering health, nutrition, exercise, psychology, food, fashion and beauty issues related to pregnancy. It also includes editorial for parents of babies up to 2 years of age.

Queries should be specific. Read our website and be clear whether you are presenting an idea for a feature or a specific column.

Features (1,000 - 1,800 words) cover broad, timely topics. Features for which we accept freelance writing include:
Prenatal Fitness:
Pregnancy-safe workout programs
You and Your Baby:
• A feature story about postpartum issues.
• A postpartum exercise story (often includes weight loss).
• A story pertaining to breastfeeding issues.
• Baby Pages (baby-care issues, with emphasis on the first six weeks)
Nutrition and Food:
Prenatal nutrition stories, often with a meal plan and recipes
Topics relating to prenatal or postpartum issues
Columns  (550 - 1,000 words) for which we accept freelance writing include the following:
Your Family:
Parenting issues as they relate to the new family, sex and relationships, family and financial issues
Health issues for the pregnant woman
Healthy Baby:
Health issues for the new baby
Psychological issues relating to pregnancy or parenting
Labor & Delivery:
Emphasis on hard news, scientific breakthroughs and practical tips
Prenatal-nutrition issues
Small Packages:
A section of short, newsy items on all topics covered in the magazine
Bumpalicious (550 words):
A funny or poignant personal essay
Queries should be no more than one page in length. Tell us why your idea is new or particularly important to our readership. Please include experts you might interview, any expertise you may have in this area, other magazines you've written for and recent clips.
Please send your queries to:
Editorial Team, Fit Pregnancy, 805 Third Avenue, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10022
 Due to the number of submissions we receive, we respectfully ask that you not follow up on your idea more than once. If interested, an editor will contact you. We keep letters on file for 6 months.

And for over 250 more parenting and family markets you can write for and make money, check out my book here at Amazon! (Check the UPDATES tab above on the blog as well) ... and don't forget to sign up for an email subscription so you never miss a post ... or a market!

Why I Offer My Ebooks on #KindleUnlimited for FREE

I love logging in to my Amazon Kindle KDP Select account and seeing a surprise! 408 pages read in my ebooks on Kindle Unlimited in one day after days of zero pages read. There's something about Sundays ... I always see my numbers spike then. I love offering that option for those who don’t want to buy it and who pay $10 a month like I do to download 10 at a time for free for rent! We can do all kinds of research for books and articles for only $10 a month! We can download all the fiction we want, all the DIY we want.

Read one, return it, get another. Always have 10 at a time!

There's something like a $12 million fund and the more KU pages read of my books, the bigger my monthly bonus. It’s like icing and another way to make money and I love it. Someone might not want to buy my book or clutter their Kindle with it forever but they want to borrow it and so I make that available.

I also love supporting other writers, knowing they are getting a bonus for me downloading and flipping through or devouring their books. I always try to leave a review before I return the book, unless it was too horrific then I try to not leave one of those 1-star reviews. I might instead track the author down personally and offer some suggestions for improving the book, especially if it's nonfiction, since that's the genre I write in.

AUTHORS, here's how it works for you, in case you are interested. And the fund lately is always above $10 million, by the way. They send you an email every month letting you know that:

Here are some examples of how it would work if the fund was $10M and 100,000,000 total pages were read in the month:
  • The author of a 100 page book that was borrowed and read completely 100 times would earn $1,000 ($10 million multiplied by 10,000 pages for this author divided by 100,000,000 total pages).
  • The author of a 200 page book that was borrowed and read completely 100 times would earn $2,000 ($10 million multiplied by 20,000 pages for this author divided by 100,000,000 total pages).
  • The author of a 200 page book that was borrowed 100 times but only read halfway through on average would earn $1,000 ($10 million multiplied by 10,000 pages for this author divided by 100,000,000 total pages).

If you want to check out my current book offerings on Amazon, just follow this link! It's my author page and the one book that only shows paperback is also, of course, available on KU or you can buy it right now for only $2.99 since I'm working on the update!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Parenting and Family Magazines That Pay ... Over 250 of Them!!! (Print & Online)

Woo hoo! The 6th edition of my ebook for writers who want to write for parenting/family markets is live here on Amazon! There are 285 markets in here! Please let your friends know who might want to break into this lucrative market because it's exactly how I have a blast while making money for my family. It's on a super sale price right now while I work on the 7th edition, due out this spring in ebook and paperback formats!

I personally love having a print copy of everything and thought you might also like that option. This makes it easier to highlight publications your work appears in, cross out email addresses that may change, black out publications that fold, add those lovely Post-It notes anywhere you like, etc.!

I've been in over 140 parenting mags and it's growing ... and there are 50ish new markets in the 6th edition! You can do what I've done. I have no English or Journalism degree ... just parenting knowledge and a love for writing.

If you don't have an email subscription to this blog, please sign up now so you can get updates on the 7th edition, as well as updates on NEW MARKETS and publications that go out of business, email addresses that change, etc.

 Good luck to you, and never be afraid to contact me at mommykerrie at yahoo dot com!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ladies' Home Journal Magazine Submission Writers Guidelines #LHJ #WriterGuidelines

So sad to see Ladies' Home Journal changing after 131 years! Back in 2014 it went to a quarterly print edition with an online digital presence. You can read the USA Today article here. There is still opportunity for you, though, writers! Check out the guidelines below and get writing ... or repurposing your already-written article or blog post!

LADIES HOME JOURNAL targets towards 30-55 year-old women who recognize the importance of taking time for themselves. Tone is always optimistic.
1. Finance features (1,800 words)
2. Essays about motherhood (1,200-1,800)
3. “This Mom’s Life,” first-person experience about being a mom (1,200-1,800)
4. “Strong,” the health section 
5. “Pet Project,” first-person essays about pets (1,200-1,800)
6. Feature well (1,800-2,400) 
7. Health section/BOB (1,800)
8. Psychology features for the FOB (1,800 words)
Personal essays are very welcome, even for health and psychology stories. Freelancers can write these from their own experience or tell a source’s story. Personal essays are also the best bet for new writers. Pays up to $2/word, but essays and first person editorials normally pay less.
For finance, personal essays, mom essays and features, For personal essays and mom essays, For personal essays, For health, For cover stories on celebrities, For “Pet Project,”

How to Write for Ladies’ Home Journal

We think your stories are just as good as those you’d find in a magazine, and we want to share them with the world. So jump in, show us your stuff, and if we choose yours for the magazine, you’ll get paid!
We’re looking for stories about happiness. What makes you smile and keeps you sane? Or, tell us stories about being a mom. Just let us know what’s on your mind.
Before you get started, check out these writers’ guidelines to help you on your way.
Have your story all written up and ready to send? Submit your story (a Word document is best) using our easy form. Your submission will go straight to our editors — we read every essay we get!

Submission Address

Meredith Corp.
125 Park Ave.
20th Floor
New York NY 10017-5516
Phone: (212)557-6600 and Fax: (212)455-1313
Or you can email us at We can’t wait to read it!
Have a favorite recipe with a great story behind it? Maybe it’s your grandmother’s famous cake, or the salad you make with your foodie teenage son. We’re also looking for recipes (and the story behind them), so send us yours at and you could be featured in the magazine! Yes, we’ll pay you for it.
And for over 250 more parenting and family markets you can write for and make money, check out my book here at Amazon! Only $2.99 Kindle, FREE on Kindle Unlimited and only $9.99 in paperback! (Check the UPDATES tab here on the blog for ... well ... updates!) ... and don't forget to sign up for an email subscription so you never miss a post ... or a market!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chicken Soup for the Soul Writing Opportunities #ChickenSoupForTheSoul

Chicken Soup for the Soul has an astounding collection of inspiring books! I remember about 15 years ago when I got the one for mothers for Mother's Day and I still have it, all Post-It noted and highlighted! Click here to check out their possible upcoming books, which you can contribute to! They update it all the time as they publish more and come up with more ideas!

"If the story or poem you wrote is published by us, you will be paid $200 upon publication of the book plus you will receive ten free copies of the book your story or poem appears in."

We have many Chicken Soup for the Soul books in development and we frequently add new titles. If you have a great story or poem you want to submit but it doesn’t fit with any of the topics below, please save it and check this page again in the future to see if we have added a topic that’s a better match.
If you have a story or poem that you think fits two of the topics below, you may submit it to both. Then let us know in the Comments section that you’ve done so. Also, you may submit more than one piece for each book.
We are always looking for new talent. So whether you are a regular contributor or new to our family, please share your story or poem with us. If this is your first time, please visit our Story Guidelines page, which will answer many of your questions about subject matter, length, and style.
Please scroll through the topics listed below to see what we're working on! Then click on the Submit Your Story link and you will be taken to our submission form.
If you are a college student, please click here to learn about "What’s Your Story?" Find out how to submit your story in writing or in video form.
**Chicken Soup for the Soul is in my book Make Money to Write About Your Kids. The 6th edition is currently on sale for $2.99 on Kindle while I work on the 7th edition (if you click over and it's still $4.99 please come back; Amazon is updating)! Grab your copy. It's also always free for download on Kindle Unlimited! AND you can get it in print version as well!

Monday, February 1, 2016

INCOME and HOURS Report: January 2016 #Proofreading #Writing #Fiverr

*UPDATE ... I'm going back a few months to when I first starting tracking my time worked each day so I can share that info with you!

Let's get some things out of the way before I show you my rockin' infographic I made on the FREE site

Here is September 2015 at $2,354.

Here is October 2015 at $1,448. (vacation month)

Here is November 2015 at $2,272.

Here is December 2015 at $2,446.

January 2016 found me slowing down just a tad to focus more on getting out of Christmas break mode and back into homeschooling and life. My husband also had to travel for a week, which meant I had to hyper-focus on home life! I still have lots of Fiverr jobs and a couple of outside jobs, and I've done a ton of BlogHer work but that won't pay until March so you'll see a spike then.

WHO am I?
I am the homeschooling mom of 5 kids and wife to Aron. I graduated from community college at the age of 28 with a 2-year Associate of Arts general degree. My work background: waitress, hostess, secretary, office manager at various places. I got many opportunities to learn how to proofread but have no formal training in writing, social media or direct sales. I quit my job in 2001 to stay home with my first son and never went back to work in an office.

WHAT do I do?
I'm a blogger, author of books, writer of regional parenting magazine articles, social media maven, proofreader, Jamberry consultant and Younique presenter.

Why I am sharing my income?
I like to show what can be done. I am able to fit in at least 20 working hours per week and usually more while homeschooling my kids, loving on my husband and taking the kids places to have fun (pool, sports, field trips, co-op, playdates, trips, etc.). I am not sharing this to brag or because I think I rock. I am sharing so you know that someone with no English degree can be a writer and a proofreader and make a decent income.

This past month I went to Hobbyist in Jamberry (no more team)  and decided to not focus on direct sales (this means Younique as well). This makes my time even more focused ... on now just 4 main areas of income. I went ahead and left Jamberry on here since I made a tiny bonus and one sale last month. From here on out I'm pretty much just that direct sales lady giving her discount to all her friends so hit me up!

So what you see above is what I RECEIVED ... in my accounts and in the mail as checks. So a lot of that was EARNED before January. So what I EARNED in January is very close to this amount above for some reason, at $1,855 and I worked 65.25 hours this month, and I'll try to get better about tracking time I worked on my ebooks so you can see time put in on the front end of that for income on the back end eventually.

If you want to divide $1,855 EARNED in January by 65.25 hours worked, you get $28.43 per hour. Yes, that sounds great to be working at home all comfy cozy while my kids sleep and then they wake up and we homeschool and have a blast the rest of the day.

KEEP IN MIND, however, that taxes are not paid on that. And that my health insurance is through my husband's work. If you want to take about 20% off the top of that for taxes, just for fun, then I make $22.74 per hour. Still not bad and I set my own hours and don't work with people face-to-face, which rocks for my ADD!!!!

The dollar amounts I show are what I actually RECEIVED in my hot little hand or PayPal account, not what I EARNED because things show up at different times and take different amounts of time to come around. Some months I may have a lot of articles in publications but don't show much income ... that's because checks will often show up later and many at one time.

*This is the book I reference that helps me make money writing articles (Make Money to Write About Your Kids) and also brings in a little bit of income all by itself ... I don't hit the article writing very hard because I'm super busy with LIFE and MOTHERING and proofreading! Right now it's on sale for $2.99 on Kindle while we wait for me to write the 7th edition. Won't be too many changes so grabbing it for $2.99 now on Kindle or even getting it for free for loan on Kindle Unlimited is a great idea!

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