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FamilyFun Magazine Submission Writers Guidelines #WritingMarkets #FamilyFun Updated for 2016

Founded in 1991, FamilyFun is the country’s number-one magazine for families with children ages 3 to 12. On every page, we give parents the information and inspiration they need to create unforgettable family moments. We’re the trusted experts on family cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts, and learning—all the essentials that enrich the precious time families share. To our two million subscribers, FamilyFun is where they can find a community of parents and discover ways to build strong, healthy families.

Please familiarize yourself with the magazine before sending a query. (You can buy digital back issues at the App Store or subscribe at We are always looking for professional freelancers who are expert in the art of playful, creative parenting. Content must be fun, family-tested, affordable, and uncomplicated. We strive to entertain and inform with a writing style that is direct, upbeat, and personal. Note that our highly visual layouts dictate brevity, and our emphasis on activities means we do not publish child-development articles, fiction, or poetry.

Articles are scheduled and assigned at least five months before publication. Please e-mail queries to the addresses given below. We accept unsolicited manuscripts only for Idea of the Month and our Explore travel section. Queries should describe the content, structure, and tone of the proposed article. We receive many queries on the same topics, so please be as specific as possible about what makes your idea unique and why you are qualified to write about it. If appropriate, attach digital photographs or sketches of the finished project, food, or craft. Due to the large volume of submissions, allow six to eight weeks for a response.

Our features present activities that are entertaining for the whole family, relatively inexpensive, and easy to do. Specific topics include food, crafts, parties, holiday celebrations, games, creative solutions to common household problems, educational projects, and home organizing and decorating. Travel features focus on ideas and strategies for family outings and vacations. Destinations should be moderately priced, offer exceptional value, and cater to the needs of families. Food features present recipes that have a track record with families—dishes that are fun both to make and to eat.

Length: 850 to 3,000 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance
Send to:
Subject line: Features

Idea of the Month showcases a practical, innovative solution to a problem common among families: a game that get kids excited about doing chores, for instance, or a fun way to encourage kids to write thank-yous. Written as a first-person narrative essay, it describes how an idea changed or inspired a family.

Length: 600 words
Compensation: $750 upon acceptance
Submissions: Queries accepted, manuscripts preferred
Send to:
Subject line: Idea of the Month
More Great Ideas features simple, clever ways to solve common household problems or to have fun as a family.

Length: 50 to 200 words
Compensation: $100 upon publication
Send to:
Subject line: Great Ideas

How We Have Fun offers a visually interesting photograph and a short first-person description of a special family moment or tradition. This is a column open to reader submissions, so payment is our standard $100.

Length: 50 to 200 words
Compensation: $100 upon publication
Send to:
Subject line: How We Have Fun

The Explore section rotates formats (Getaways, We Tried It, and more) and features family travel and vacation ideas and planning strategies. Pieces can be process-oriented or destination-specific; most are first-person. We rarely cover international travel or expensive American resorts or programs.

Length: 600 to 900 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance; $100 for the idea if we opt to use a staff writer
Submissions: Manuscript or query
Send to:
Subject line: Explore

The Create section has several departments that include pieces by freelance contributors:

Make It: simple, fun, practical, and inexpensive projects and crafts.

Keepsakes: a craft that serves as a gift, reminder, or souvenir related to a significant family event, family tradition, or holiday, such as Mother’s Day.

Treat of the Month: a snack or dessert that uses food as art in an original and entertaining way.

Length: N/A; please send ideas only (no finished manuscripts)
Compensation: $200 per idea
Send to:
Subject lines: Make It, Keepsakes, or Treat of the Month

Kids in the Kitchen features easy-to-make dishes that parents and kids can prepare together. Each recipe encourages families to have fun in the kitchen and introduces basic cooking techniques and food knowledge.

Length: 250 to 500 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance
Send to:
Subject line: Kids in the Kitchen

Let’s Party offers affordable ways to celebrate holidays and birthdays or just make an ordinary day special. It includes four to six foods, decorations, treats, games, or party crafts related to the article’s theme, e.g., “spa party.”

Length: N/A; please send ideas only (no finished manuscripts)
Compensation: $100 to $200 per idea
Send to:
Subject line: Let’s Party

Healthy Family provides creative, practical information—strategies, tips—on how to be active, eat well, and feel great.

Length: 100 to 300 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word upon acceptance; $100 to $200 for the idea if we opt to use a staff writer
Send to:
Subject line: Healthy Family

Happy Home features creative, useful ideas for the home, yard, and garden. We look for practical approaches to getting organized, fun ways to decorate, and new products. The ideas must be easy, affordable, and realistic. The column is rarely assigned, but we do buy submitted ideas.

Length: 700 words
Compensation: $100 to $200 per idea; $875 for entire column
Send to:
Subject line: Happy Home

Favorite Things highlights parent-recommended family entertainment products and gear, such as toys, books, DVDs, video games, music, and more.

Length: 50 to 200 words
Compensation: $1.25 per word
Send email to:

Subject line: Favorite Things

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*UPDATED* PAY and Submission Guidelines (Trial Period Info)

Welcome to another edition of Markets for Parenting Writers brought to you by ... me! If you'd like to check out dozens upon dozens more such markets, all paying, check out my book here!

Freelancers are welcome in all sections of Babble.

If you’re interested in writing for us, please follow these guidelines:

Use Babble search to see if your topic has been covered already.

If not, indicate in the subject line of your email what section of Babble your piece would run: pregnancy, baby, toddler, kid, mom, celebrity, products, or food. Mom is the general category subsuming mom/parent identity, health, and relationship issues.

Example subject line: Article for Mom: I Hate Going to the Park, Am I the Only One?
As concisely as possible, indicate if you’ve written for Babble before (include links to articles) and include 2-3 links to other things you’ve written. If you’ve never been published, that’s OK. Just let us know.

Tell us the topic of your piece in 1-2 lines maximum. If you can’t explain it easily, it’s not ready to pitch. Then explain your angle — your new contribution to the topic, what’s insightful/entertaining/counter-intuitive/poignant about your approach. For this, again, 1-2 lines maximum. Give us the first paragraph of the piece and then an outline of the rest. If it’s a list, include a few sample entries.

If the piece is already written, include it as an attachment. We are unable to accept articles that have been published elsewhere, including on personal blogs.

Only submit a piece once and please don’t follow up. Because of the volume of submissions, we can’t respond to everyone who writes us. If you don’t hear back, assume we decided not to accept it. Sorry about that.

Please direct all submissions to

Kerrie says: Found out from a source that they pay around $150 for a 800-1,200 word piece, and I don't know if they accept reprints. Also read in a group that they don't pay for the first two pieces (that's the length of their trial period). Another source shared: "Their email stated they do have a trial period of 2 pieces then are paid at the freelance rate of $75.00 in response to the long ago asked question of the trial period." However, one writer shared that she was paid from the 2nd piece on. Another shared that she was not paid for the first three pieces, so there is not a lot of consistency going on there.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Nifty 15 by Honoree Corder and My 100 Days Chart

I have a new writer girl crush and her name is Honoree Corder. You can check out The Nifty 15: Write Your Book in Just 15 Minutes a Day here and then I suggest you also follow her on Amazon so you always know when she comes out with something new. While I'm driving home from taking my teens to jobs and countless activities, I am also reading/listening to her Prosperity for Writers and You Must Write a Book.

Here's the review I left for this book, but please know that I am also planning on applying this to my article writing as well. Fifteen minutes a day carved out just for that purpose would yield an article every couple of weeks pretty easily. That could mean 12-24 articles for your stable of articles every year, depending on if you are writing quick regional parenting pieces or longer, national pieces that require queries. Every single year! You are not some flash in the pan writer ... you are in this for the long haul and you need to write every day to keep up the habit.

"Just the kick I needed. Yes, I already have a couple of books I have self-published and I did those in increments of whenever-the-baby-is-sleeping or early-in-the-morning until I couldn't think anymore. Lately I'm finding it harder to focus and needed a set amount of time to just sit and do it. And know that I had done it that day and that I didn't have to do anymore. But once I get started, it's like sex ... you get going and you want to keep going. I'm excited to see what happens with each of my projects in 100-day sets. I found a 100 days of school graphic/game that I printed out to color in each day that I do what I'm supposed to do. I'm actually coloring in every 15 minutes I do. I could do days or increments, either one works to make progress. I just like to see that I'm doing SOMETHING; otherwise it's easier to only do my proofreading work or find excuses to watch Scandal. Rock on, Honoree! Moving on to your next book and the next ... thank you!"

So instead of making my own thing from scratch, I Googled "100 Days Writing Chart" and came up with a 100 days of school chart! It printed a little grainy but it will work for my purposes. If I miss a day, I have to write for 15 extra the next day. I printed one out for each project. I'd love to have a full hour a day to work on 4 different projects because it's hard for me to focus on just one thing to completion, but we all work differently :-)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Write Timely Articles Parenting Magazine Editors Want to Purchase

As parenting magazine writers, we all need ideas for articles to write about all year long.

Do you feel like you have written everything you have to say on the topic of birthday parties or camp or holidays?

Need some inspiration because your brain has run dry?

Check out this site. Turns out there are not only those obvious and popular things we knew about like Valentine's Day in February, but also things that should be on our radar like Black History Month ... and did you know that February 20 is Love Your Pet Day? What a great time to whip out that piece about whether or not your kid should get a pet. Or maybe you sold it in December about getting a pet for Christmas and it just needs a little tweak and a re-send.

To me, this is writing idea GOLD. I am brainstorming like crazy because the regionals work a few months ahead. Some have their editorial calendar all laid out for the whole YEAR, but I get quite a few last-minute assignments, so it  never hurts to have some of these babies in your stable of articles.

Now get your butt in your seat and WRITE! Or, you can try what I do and dictate into your phone while you are driving or walking for exercise or waiting for kids to come out of something. At least get the ideas down and they will start ruminating in your head and turn into an article with a little research, maybe a human quote or two, and a lot of crafting and care.

I'm working on a companion workbook for this baby!

And when you're ready to send your piece to over 250 markets, just grab my book (7th edition on the way but if you get the 6th edition it's cheap now and you get access to the updates blog post here so I don't leave you out in the cold, writer friend!). You can get it on Kindle right this very second and dive on it, you can read it FREE on Kindle Unlimited (click below to try it out for free for 30 days), or you can get the print version (in 2 days if you have Prime!). Good luck to you!

Benefits of KU and why I have been a member for over a year:

Membership program offers special benefits for just $9.99 per month: *Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks *Unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks *Read on any device

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October Monthly Work-From-Home Income Report #writer #author #proofreader #magazines #blogger

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I share my monthly income here so I can publicly keep track of it well and try to beat the month before. I also share it so you can see what's possible! KEEP AT IT! Your income will increase if you keep your butt in your seat and your fingers on the keyboard!

For more information about what I do, please check out my post about how I make $2,000 per month from home while also homeschooling my 5 kids, being married, taking kids to activities, and more.


WHO am I?
I am the homeschooling mom of 5 kids and wife to Aron. I graduated from community college at the age of 28 with a 2-year Associate of Arts general degree. My work background: waitress, hostess, secretary, office manager at various places. I got many opportunities to learn how to proofread but have no formal training in writing, social media or direct sales. I quit my cubicle job in 2001 to stay home with my first son and never went back to work in an office.

WHAT do I do?
I'm a blogger, author of books, writer of regional parenting magazine articles, social media maven, proofreader. I don't do direct sales anymore because it split my focus and I need to concentrate on my creative side

Why I am sharing my income?
I like to show what can be done. I am able to fit in at least 20 working hours per week and usually more while homeschooling my kids, loving on my husband and taking the kids places to have fun (pool, sports, field trips, co-op, playdates, trips, etc.). I am not sharing this to brag or because I think I rock. I am sharing so you know that someone with no English degree can be a writer and a proofreader and make a decent income.

The dollar amounts I show are what I actually RECEIVED in my hot little hand or PayPal account, not what I EARNED because things show up at different times and take different amounts of time to come around. Some months I may have a lot of articles in publications but don't show much income ... that's because checks will often show up later and many at one time.

1Q2016 = $5,846
Articles = $1,114 (finally wore down some magazines and they actually paid me from last year)
Blogging, etc. = $744
Proofreading = $3,647
Books = $256
Younique = $65
Jamberry = $20

2Q2016 = $4,373
Articles = $510
Blogging, etc. = $206
Proofreading = $3,578
Books = $79

3Q2016 = $4,677
Articles = $640
Blogging, etc. = $1,415
Proofreading = $2,506
Books = $116

4Q2016 = $2,692
Articles = $169
Blogging, etc. = $845
Proofreading = $1,655
Books = $23

So as of the end of October 2016 I'm sitting at $17,588 in income (to be taxed next year, of course), which isn't bad for something I have a blast with and that lets me stay home with my kids. I also get bored easily, so being able to diversify my workload is extremely important to me!

*This is the book I reference that helps me make money writing articles (Make Money to Write About Your Kids) and also brings in a little bit of income all by itself ... working on the 7th edition with a lot of changes!

And here is another gem I put together that is also now in print, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (which means it's free to "rent"). Thanks for coming by and please sign up for an email subscription if this has been valuable to you in any way! If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!  Thanks!

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