Monday, May 15, 2017

Marie Claire Submissions Writers Guidelines

Submission Guidelines Thank you for your interest in submitting work to Marie Claire. Please make sure you are familiar with our content by reading previous issues. We prefer to receive story proposals rather than completed work, so please send a query letter detailing your idea to the address below for the magazine. If the editors find the subject suitable, they will contact you. Please enclose clips of your previously published materials, which we are unable to return to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response. Features Submissions Marie Claire Magazine 300 West 57th St., 34th Fl. New York, NY 10019-1497

Here is an interview with the editor-in-chief!

P.S. I found that link on this amazing site called Beyond Your Bloggers!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

How I Earn Over $500 for Each Regional Parenting Magazine Article Reprint

Let me start by saying not EVERY article I write makes this much money. I've written and submitted nearly 100 in the 10 years since I started doing this (that's only 10 per year, people, so consistency counts), and a handful of them did very poorly. By poorly I mean sold to one or two magazines then went into oblivion.

Some have sold a total of a few hundred dollars. But today I want to share with you the 


I'm sharing this not to say, "Woo hoo, I am awesome and check out how much money I make doing this." Instead, I'm sharing to say, "Wow, I didn't realize that it all added up like this! I mean, I knew my Christmas Peace piece did pretty great, but it might hit $1,000 in sales in 2017 if I tweak it a bit! This can happen for other writers as well, and there seems to be plenty of room for all of us!"

You might also say, "I could do better than that!" and then I would reply, "Be my guest! Write on, friend, and I wish you success!" Please feel free to share with me in the comment section about your successes! I'd love to visit your links and author pages! I love to follow and like all over social media!

Here are the article titles and links and I'll update them as I improve my record-keeping from days of old and sell more:

Birthday Party Etiquette, written in 2013 (link goes to Westchester Family), $515

10 Meaningful Birthday Traditions, written in 2011 (link goes to Black Hills Parent), $578

8 Tips for Holiday Sanity, written in 2009 (link goes to Playground), $894

Conquer Kid Clutter, written in 2010 (link goes to Hudson Valley Parent), $505

Forming Friendships from Toddler to Teen, written in 2010 (link goes to Kansas City Parent), $579

Pregnancy Sleep Disruption Solutions, written in 2009 when I was pregnant with my 5th child (link goes to Palm Beach Parenting), $533

So how do I do it?

  1. Come up with an idea.
  2. Do some research, get some links, get some personal quotes if the piece needs them.
  3. Write the rough draft of the piece.
  4. Sit on the piece for a while then come back to it for editing.
  5. Send the piece to all the markets in my book and do so with prayers and good vibes. You may go another route and send your piece first to the national magazines that pay extremely well (also in my book), and then revamp them later for the regionals. You could make double what I make!
  6. ****Send out your reprint list every couple of months, and season-specific pieces when needed. If it's a holiday piece, for instance, resend it again in a year around back-to-school time. If you have a bunch of birthday pieces, send them all in one email to all the editors on my list and say, "Hey, here are my birthday pieces for you to check out. Hope you can use one or all of them ;-) Please let me know if you would like to use one of them because I want to make sure I maintain market exclusivity where needed." 
  7. Check out other markets that take reprints other than the regional parenting magazines. I have so many markets in the book ... so many to try and your piece has to fit in with at least one of them!
You can sign up for an email subscription to this site and get a free sample of the book, including FIVE markets that pay $50 plus for reprints! Please also consider joining my Facebook group called Regional Parenting Magazine Writers ... it's FREE and full of tips and tricks and markets and like-minded writer friends!

Get Published, Paid and Sell Those Reprints to Regional Parenting Magazines

In 2006 or so, I started writing for regional parenting magazines. The success I've had since has been amazing! Here's what happened ...
  1. I could not comprehend something a friend was doing (grocery shopping daily with small kids).  At that time I had 3 small kids of my own and had to stock up on food because grocery shopping with my kids while my husband was out of town quite frankly sucked.
  2. I wrote out my thoughts (I'm a huge journaler) and they eventually turned into something resembling what I had seen in my local parenting magazine, Kansas City Parent.
  3. I emailed my piece to KC Parent and they bought it for $25. I was thrilled! I was PUBLISHED and PAID!
  4. Then I realized these magazines must be everywhere. I had traveled a little and had seen similar magazines with similar articles.
  5. I didn't have internet at home, so I started to head to the library with or without small children whenever I could and borrowed the internet of friends during playdates. I searched online for other magazines in other cities and started emailing them my pieces.
  6. I started selling articles!
  7. I started writing more articles, usually based on things that I felt passionately about. My best-selling piece, Christmas Sanity (goes by several different titles at this point), sold close to $1,000 in reprints and is still selling (click link to see the others that have sold over $500 in reprints so far). It was written out of my struggle with continuing to travel for Christmas to see extended family on Christmas Day or stay home with my own little family.
  8. I figured other writers might want to know what I had found out, so I wrote a book in 2009 about how to get published in regional parenting magazines and sell each article as a REPRINT again and again. I compiled information from dozens of magazines in one spot to help myself with the submissions process.
This book has been compared to Writer's Market, only if you pick up a copy of that resource you'll see they only have a HANDFUL of parenting markets. I am working on finding 300 for the 7th edition.

I have updated this book every year and now I have over 160 publishing credits under my belt (list is here so you can check it out) and am still writing. It's a great business to be in because I can take a long break to do proofreading projects or write books or work on my direct sales businesses and then always come back to it. Even without writing any new pieces for many months, my reprints keep selling.

If you aren't sure yet, join my Facebook group! I never want to try to sell you something you don't need, so join in the group and check it out first! And happy writing!

You can sign up for an email subscription to this site and get a free sample of the book, including FIVE markets that pay $50 plus for reprints!

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